Looking for Minmatar Corp

Upon reading the description of the game and its lore I decided to buy omega straight away to have the best experience!

I really liked to read about the Minmatar! I like their politics, ideology and style!

so if possible I would like to join a tribe/clan of minmatarians with the home in Minmatar!
isk is not a priority, atmosphere is a priority for me!
The role play doesn’t have to be super serious, at basic level I am happy if the home is in Minmatar territory!

I hope to meet an active tribe that has some old players but are helpful to new players like me as well.
I have completed all the tutorials and SoE epic arc.

I am already in a corporation of laid back and helpful people but if I find what I truly search for which is a more atmosphere oriented corporation with home in Minmatar then I will leave my current group.

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It’s great you feel so strongly about Minmatar, but its worries me to think that you want to jump straight into the lore…by not leaving highsec.

@Elsebeth_Rhiannon - one for you I believe.

You may find So you want to roleplay a Minmatar? useful as a starting point. Have a chat with Elsebeth about E-M.

I can’t really help you myself, I’m rather embedded in the Empire, but behind the RP were all basically amiable.

Good luck.

I’m pretty much at the same stage as you, with the exact same thought process. Would be good to try and catch up in game

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what do you mean exactly? I didn’t say that I don’t want to leave highsec

I will add you as a friend

thanks for the reply! should I proceed to contact Elsebeth in game?

Your best bet is to make contact through the Electus Matari alliance - they have a public channel linked from their description in the alliance info page in game. EM are the overarching alliance for a group of Minmatar RP corps.

Vlad, me and 2 friends recently started a small operation focusing on relaxed gameplay. Currently looking at mission running, mining, and industry.

We are technically in Gallente space, but right adjacent to Metropolis
It just happens that its a good quiet system to run out of but can definitely establish other outposts.

We are working for the Minmatar corporation Freedom Extension. Freedom Extension was founded by Minmatars that moved to the Gallente Federation following the Rebellion, but returned to the Republic to foster the good relationship between the two races. Freedom Extension is a courier company modeled after Gallentean ones and quickly established itself as the main shipping company in Minmatar space.

The Freedom Extension station we currently live in is Minmatar style architecture, this region of Gallente was populated by the Minmatar that moved there, and is currently a healthy border zone that causes tension between Gallente and Amarr

We have mixed levels of experience, but myself I have many years, and we are new player friendly. There are no obligations, no tax, no forced sharing of loot or ores. Just a laid back time trying to build a small empire and enjoy the atmosphere

Tristan, please see my reply to the OP above, anyone is welcome as well. For anyone that finds this well, feel free to send me a mail in-game.

I really like your style and backstory and knowledge of history and architecture of the game!

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