Looking for neutral non-agressive Corp

Actually I saw someone speaking about a corp (in Hek) that’s neutral and non-aggressive by commitment. I like the sound of that since I mostly enjoy doing security missions, looting & salvaging. I have no interest in PVP or wars, etc.

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My corp might be what your looking for as I am still establishing the foundation.
Let me know if your interested to learn more!

Hello @Joey_Doughy

I can surely appreciate and respect a player knowing exactly what they want from their gaming experience. I would not be true to the nature of EVE, if I didn’t at least offer the other side of what makes EVE a great game to master over time. EVE at it’s basic core is PVP or conflict; some might say violently infused (but in a fun and non hurtful way IRL). Many years ago, I once to wanted to remain secluded or maybe a better term would be isolated, doing what I knew would satisfy my gaming experience. I ran missions in HS for over 3 years, perfected it, became bored of it, but it was familiar to me, so I remained constant. Until, a family/friend asked me this one question…“Come live in WH space with me?”

At first, I was like, what…why? Then I figured it couldn’t hurt. So I took a few of my assets into the deep dark spooky space. After a short adjustment period, and with help, a whole NEW Gaming experience was exposed. I completely fell in love with the simple concept, that why not live in a sandbox place (where CCP never actually intended for player to call their home). My overall gaming experience not only drastically changed, but it opened up a lifestyle that was never dictated by the game itself, but rather by how I played the game. EVE is a gaming sandbox, and J Space is the only true sandbox aspect of game left in my opinion.

I just wanted to share my past experience since I started playing full time back late 2008. I have played many online games, and this one by far the only one where I continuously paid for no matter what.

Have a great EVE experience and if you ever decide that you want EVE to give back to you what you put in, come see us, violence is the answer (in game only of course :slight_smile: ).


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