Looking for QOL update on export and import block list/ standings

As per title.im willing to see an update about export and import personal blocklist and standings.
Its should be very useful,
For eg,:
1.jita local,as we all known,there are a lot of spammer,they are spamming hypernets.Its really disturb those who really advertising in local.Needless to mention about those scammers.i know its part of the game,but i have my freedom to block them
2.Toxic player,and shittalk in local is a part of the game,but im really hate them.Ive blocked almost all the toxic players in our areas,but im looking to buy an alt.i dont want to redo that process,200+ block list is tooooo tiring.
3.Ive also seen recialism and toxic in public chat,especially the one that all Chinese player shares.its filled with toxic and recialism.but the owner and admin of that channel is long afk.so i had to block them one by one.Ive finished doing that on my main,but now i found i didnt finish that on my alt.Its really tiring and frustrated.

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