Was looking through old posts about blocking

So, I went to that cluster Jita yesterday… since I have been gone a few years and sometimes it just gets old trying to Google everything and get straight answers . So I TRIED to ask in local a few things. After I spent 10 minutes blocking the spammers and clearing my list of the billion mobile depots that serve no purpose in game other than to clutter and spell stuff in space…I was finally able to get some questions answered quick and easy.

Then I logged off… when I came back… ALL THE SPAMMERS and bots were right back. After all this time, your block list still doesn’t save?? I mean…I have a list of blocked players in my people and places…but all those spammers I blocked in chat weren’t there… anyone?

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Hyperspam is the new meta, I gave up blocking em ages ago

So, do the blocks stay or reset? What are they doing over there in Dev land? Stuff like that is so simple to get right… I haven’t met a person yet who loves the spam…in any game.

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Ive had em reset, Ive had blocks vanish like you describe, and in the past even had some re-engage after I cleared em.

In short, I kinda stopped a while ago cos it wasnt working for me. I guess I ignored it until Hyperspam when it got much worse

I’ve never noticed a block disappear. Jita chat is nice with a few hundred hyper blocks and a few dozen other spam blocks. I tend to add 3-5 more blocks per visit.

I just switch to the corp chat tab and use clear on local after I leave Jita.


Do you run several accounts from the same settings

Sounds like your client settings didn’t save (well the actually do) but in your client you’re launching in “default” for the settings, which gives the effect that any changes you made in a prior session were not saved (they are, you’ve just not selected those settings to use).

And asking questions in Jita local is idiotic. I would suggest you knew that Jita Local is nothing but trade, contract, and scam spam. Ask in the appropriate official Help channel (such as English Help, EVE University, or applicable localized Help if English isn’t your first language) will be far more effective. If you were unaware of the paradigm of Jita Local, you certainly are now. Use the official Help channels; you’ll enjoy far more success in that regard.

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Hyperspam is much worse than any contract spam I’ve seen in the past. Not sure if he’s still there, but there was one yesterday and the day before that that was there basically 24 hrs a day, posting his LSI and A-type invuln field hypernet spam every single second. I don’t remember even contract spam being like that.

Yeah, wish this constituted harassment or something. It’s annoying AF.

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Funny thing was that I’m pretty sure those offers were already completed and it was still spamming them. Don’t know how much more obvious that it can be that they’re a bot.

Jita is such a hole.

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Who in his right mind wants to ask anything in Jita local? You’re an idiot, ■■■■ off.

Block don’t reset afaik, spammers just create new accounts/chars every other day or so. Before hypernet it was feasible to block ~95% of Jita spam, now not so much. And CCP won’t do sh1t about it cause they benefit directly from hypernet.

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