Looking for some relaxed fun and games without commitment

There is a good reason this one goes up on Christmas day and that reason is that I like my time and prefer to spend it in a way I like whenever and wherever possible. So today that means I was not going to bore my mind out spending it with family I see often enough and got nothing to talk about with and tomorrow that might mean I will do just that.

I am the classic on and off EVE player, show up once a while have some fun, vanish for a bit and repeat the process and in doing so I seen a plenty and done a plenty. It also means that like above I might not log in for 2 weeks and I might be on for 4 hours each day the next week. It all depends on where my mind is at and unless some one is kicking down the door I am not going to change that fact. (If they are kicking down the door and I am able I will sling copious amounts of explosive devices their way for daring to disturb me).

So what would your corp get out of this horrible trade? Well this character who likes to sling explosives at things and watch them explode, but is also learning to use those things that went out of fashion after WW2, but somehow keep stick around and those be guns of all sorts. She does not fly anything that is classified as a capital, but she doesn’t mind playing the mechanic either be it in a PVE or PVP situation.

As a bonus if you can call it that (might be a negative depending on your views and these two do not agree on it, but hey) you get the sister character to this one who seems to have taking up a liking of shooting lasers at harmless rocks to turn them into bits she steals to sell. Bit gruesome if you ask me and also not all that fair those rocks did nothing wrong and cannot even fight back (although I admit that does rank high on the list of perfect targets). Anyhow that she does and does reasonably well.

If you read through all that and are by some level of insanity still interested, in adding a pair of totally unreliable pilots to your roster you might wonder what the probably even more insane person behind them wants from the corporation. The answer to that is simple, not much just some fun people ideally who like some chatter on a discord and group up when they decide to play no matter what the plan is in game. I don’t care if you have a bunch of people who barely know the difference between a industrial and battleship or have people who seen it all done it all and play EVE when completely drunk and sleep deprived and you wouldn’t know the difference.

So yes I am not asking for much, but also am not offering much, It is really that simple when I feel like playing I am playing and if I don’t I won’t be. That is really the key to it all and so all I ask is that you consider that fact with great care, as nice as it might be to recruit some one with some experience and a decent toon, if you expect things I clearly will not deliver on it is best to look towards the next pilot, I am sure there are plenty out there who will be a heck of a lot more reliable than I will be.

I am interested, I run the high sec operation for our alliance. I really just want to good group of people that give each other a hard time for losing a mining barge to a NPC or just to chill and have fun.

We only ask that our players respect others in the game. .RA Recruitment channel in the game or just message me personally if you are interested.

your paragraphs were a little rambling but hey, I noticed you!

well we are some level of insanity. you can give us a try if your interested. Null sec corp, laid back, nothing mandatory blah blah blah. here is our forums ad. Null Sec Corp Looking for More Loose Screws - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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