Looking to Evac but not sure where to head? VINDICTIVE is Recruiting!

Vindictive is recruiting Corporations and Individuals in all time zones. Whether you are a null sec corp looking for a change or a hi/low sec corp wanting to try null sec for the first time we’ve got room for you. Did your Alliance recently disband after the war and you need a new home? Tired of being just a number in one of the big blocks? We’ve got room for you!

What makes Vindi special? We’re the first null sec Alliance lead by EU/US TZ leadership that has successfully integrated a CN TZ into a EU/US based alliance. This gives us along with our Allies a 24 hour community to work with. Vindictive also offers free PI planets, low Industrial and Research Taxes and access to over 50 systems to mine, rat or explore.

Are you not a corporation but an individual looking to try null sec for the first time or return to living in null sec? We’ve got a corps that would love to have you become a member.

What is Vindictive looking for in a Corporation/Individual? Living in Null sec requires some skills both to have fun and survive. We’re looking for Corporations of 10 heart beats or larger. (smaller corps talk to us nothing is set in stone) Individuals within corps should have mains with at least 5mil skill points. Active leadership that works with Alliance leadership to improve the culture and community of Vindictive.

English Speaking Corps:
Rather than bore you with more text hit me up on discord: Markus Pandicane#6965
Send an ingame mail: Markus Pandicane

Deutschsprachiges Korps:
Anstatt dich mit mehr Text zu langweilen, schlag mich auf Zwietracht: Paldarion#8108 or Alex Meyer#4272
Senden Sie eine Ingame-Mail: Paldarion#8108 or Alex Meyer#4272

Chinese corps:
而不是用更多的文字让你感到厌烦,让我不和谐:Neo The Surfer#2503
发送游戏内邮件:Neo 007

Although we currently “own” the sov on dotlan we have full access to and use of 2 regions of space for PVE activities. VINDICTIVE - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

They are good

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I look forward to flying with you again someday! o7

In addition to Americans, Chinese and Germans we’ve just added Russians to the Vindictive Family.

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