Loot and LP price predictions

Hello! I’m asking here for your predictions in regards of LP and mission loot prices, based on the current very impactful changes - the resource redistribution and the separation of the systems conquered by the Triglavian forces.
I’m assuming t1 loot price will increase, but don’t have a deep insight of all the moving pieces, so I’d like to know what’s a good idea to keep from loot/LP, which to sell, maybe in order to invest in other things with better prospects.
Your honest insights are much appreciated!

I don’t think that combat mining in null rating (reprocessing loot) will have any significant impact on meta modules prices. There where no other changes recent that affect npc drops, LP and missions. There won’t be any direct impact. Traveling around hisec is bit more demanding nowdays, but that is not a part of mission running. If you have your missions setup ready. Only thing that needs to be moved is LP loot and you probably should pay other to do that for you. Just for that insurance.

Good question! Here is my unfounded wild speculation.

The ‘non-best-in-slot’ T1 meta modules price (with some exceptions where lower tiers have demand from players) will probably go up to match the price inflation of ore, as the two ways to make ISK from the item is to either sell it to another player or reprocess it for minerals. This is the ‘price floor’ for this item category - just like when the price floor of Trit used to be the price of what it cost to buy & reprocess a shuttle from a NPC sell order.

I am holding on to my junk modules for now so I can sell them to an industry friend with good scrapmetal reprocessing skills when the price goes up.

I think there is room for some price manipulation for players with enough items & ISK.

Minerals will always be worth slightly less than the equivalent in compressed ore (assuming both are stocked adequately) because the compressed ore can be moved to where it needs to be in far higher volume and refined in your refinery citadel.

With regards to LP items, In the long term there will be a minor upwards price correction to match the corresponding price increase in manufacturing the items. I think most or all of the T1 ammo market is currently underpriced by 10-30% when you consider what it costs now to manufacture it.

I think that most other LP store purchases for highsec mission runners will become very unattractive, except for the FW LP stores which get roughly double the isk/lp. No idea about pirate faction LP.

But most of the cost here comes from players who want to make as much ISK/LP as possible. Right now the standard is at about 800 ISK for standard empire faction LP. SOE LP will always be valuable because they sell the best-in-slot standard and combat probes, and their faction ships are very nice also.

When it comes to the ‘best-in-class’ T1 meta module market, this is driven by demand from players who want to be competitive (in PVP) but don’t have the T2 skill trained. Not sure what will happen here, the whims of the market control it.

as far as I can tell basically no change.

And even if mineral values double most loot is still garbage. if anything it will be more impactful in null where you can run a endless anoms, dropping an mtu in each one and coming back for it later.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if the dynamic bounty system announced for Nullsec finds it’s way to other regions of space - that would impact high traffic mission hubs.

Loot and salvage are unlikely to increase in value unless demand exceeds supply. CCP has a number of levers they can adjust here but I suspect they’ll focus on completing module tiericide first.

Empire faction LP can be very valuable - if you spend it on the right things. I just did a quick calculation on 5 run BPC for Imperial Navy Multispectrum Energized Membrane. Assuming you purchase the tags at current market prices your profit on the modules will be 2750 isk/LP. This will vary with the market - you’ll need to do some research to find faction modules in high demand and short supply to maximize return. I made most of my income manufacturing and selling faction modules in my mission running days before shifting to T2 production.

Thanks for the replies, guys.
Yes, I was mostly wondering about prices for the loot that currently sells pretty low, mainly t1 meta modules that are not very sought after, and if it will incur a significant increase, according to your predictions and is worth holding onto for a while. I haven’t looked at how disproportionate currently the prices are in regards to their reprocessing value myself.
Also, in regards of LP, I was somewhat assuming that most of the in game prices will increase a bit and wondering if you expect the LP to scale with it.
I understood your expectations but, if there are more things to take into consideration, please do add them :slight_smile:

There was a time, 5 or 6 years ago, when CCP was talking about player built meta modules - similar to capital meta modules. Module tiericide is a prerequisite for this - they made good progress for a couple of years and stopped.

This year they’ve restarted tiericide but at a very slow pace. Once done, it’s possible that the loot tables will be changed to drop named components and we get to decide which meta modules get built based on profitability - basically the way rigs work.

Until these modules are player made, I expect we’ll see a return to gun mining as a predictable source of minerals.

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