Loot Bots at Jita IV-4

dude suspect baiting give you if i remember well a 8 minutes suspect tag were everyone can shot you
10 seconds you cant dock is nothing
if you agro you get a large timer you cant dock
this will not affect suspect bathers at all
maybe i didn’t understand the proposed system well

btw yesterday i sat at jita undock for 2 periods (total 30 minutes edited) blinking yelow and no one shot me

15 minutes. :wink:


You can test how fast a player is able to transfer cargo very easily.
1.Open up your own cargo hold.
2.Drop a jet can with loot.
3.Open the cargo window of the jet can.
4.Position the jet can cargo window slightly to the right of the center of your monitor’s screen
5.Destroy something close by, then select ‘Look at’ wreck to center the wreck in the center of your monitor.
6.Open cargo hold of the destroyed can or ship and then immediately click Loot.

Since the cargo can windows stay in their position that you place them on the monitor, you should be able to get loot within 2 seconds, if you are sitting on the ship or can when you destroy it.

my brain
i did it 10 times this week and cant even remember the timer


People like to do the bait and switch by docking once they get the combat timer and coming out with a wtfpwn ship.

Which I get, but I’m also ok with losing as I personally just commit when I suspect bait because half the fun is seeing if you can kill the guy with a ship not meant for that usually.

i usually don’t change ships because I’m poor
long ago a great pilot taught me the ways , he used to change to a glorious bhaalgorn
i adapted my style to a dollar store version :stuck_out_tongue:

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So while Furies have been banned (although I seen one Furie character with gnosis for a while on Jita dock about week ago), there are now new bots. Just seen wreck being looted before it even appeared on my overview. I reported that guy last week already, and still nothing. How hard is it to check the time difference between ship being blown and loot being taken and between loot being taken and docking to figure out it is not humanly possible?

A couple of things.

There are some characters, like the Furies, who appeared to be fully automated. Their whole presence was scripted to the point that the pilot didn’t even check what he’d looted for a few days. I know this because he accidentally looted from a friend and it took him a few days to respond and return the loot. When he responded, he advised his friend that he’d updated his scripts to effectively white-list him to prevent it happening again. I would call that character a ‘bot’. They received a ban on Monday of last week.

Then there are some characters who are there, kind of present, but using automation software or scripts to loot faster than non-automated players. Players like Kurenai Uchiha aka MajinVegito, Ahori Igunen etc. They remain unbanned, unchallenged.

A couple of new characters have turned up and they’re definitely loot thieves. It’s maybe too early to say for sure if they’re automated. If they’re the latter (ie using scripts but not fully automated) then it’s likely that they’ll be able to continue for as long as they like.

So I watched your new video:

@CCP_Swift I know you can’t speak to this specific incident, but this is the sort of stuff that does not build community trust: reimbursement on the grounds a player was a victim of botting, yet reinstating the alleged botter.

I’m not sure I’ll get an answer from CCP, so @Brisc_Rubal can the CSM clarify whether: can players use scripted aids to loot ninja at Jita in under a server tick while also determining if the wreck is above a 10 mil threshold? There’s no harm done because to the playerbase and effective gameplay it’ll just look like the status quo of today: the difference is the activity will be more open to everyday people, and the whole thing will be “decriminalized” and hence more easily observable in the light by the community. Whoever has the machine at the closest colo with the most heavily optimized assembly code, wins, which seems to be the status quo of today. Except a “yes” lets more people participate.

If the answer is “no” then I guess it’s only people who truly want to flirt with gameplay at the edges of the EULA/TOS who get to participate in the activity.

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I’m just gonna leave this here:


My understanding is that any kind of scripted macro-style behavior is prohibited.


I was unclear, sorry. I am under the same impression as you.

Can you please ask CCP to lift it for this narrow case, so others can join in on the gameplay without flirting with the “don’t get EULA/TOS banned” metagame? That’s what I intended to ask of you. I know it seems like a stupid request, but then again the status quo is also stupid.

We have a ganker player here who managed to get real people to undock and try loot thieving; they aren’t really going to be sticking around though because of the present situation. Imagine if even one of them had managed to thief even one cool thing over 10M value, the player stories coming out of that event would have been cool to hear. Instead we get… well, one less way to retain humans.

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Thank you @MacGybo for the update video! I hope you get enough views and such to pay back the effort you put in to making it! The new video sure does open up some questions.

It sounds like from an organizational perspective, the left hand and the right are doing different things. One side is saying that there is insufficient data to show that script/macro/botting is occurring, and the other is saying that it was happening and reimbursing losses due to said unfair, rule/TS breaking actions.

Would love to get some clarification on CCP on what the true response should be. This sort of ambiguity causes a lot of problems. I noted it in the mega-thread when the TOS was updated and the Team Security member was answering questions, but the ambiguous “we know it when we see it” sort of answer that was given to me exemplifies my main concern – and now we have a real world example (95%+ of this stuff or the “”“fringe cases”“” aren’t brought up to the larger playerbase’s attention).

For reference: Continuing the discussion from Team Security: Rules and Policy Clarifications:

I absolutely understand your frustration, I wanted to quit because of this ■■■■ as well - it seems more and more obvious that cheating is allowed. CCP cannot detect macros, especially if you are present at keyboard and simply activate them. Also 3day ban for botting? :rofl:

To be honest, I saw some changes in Ivicek behavior after he was unbanned. His tornados weren’t shooting at the same tick anymore, or at least sometimes when I watched, and he was not doing with LaBooster the things he was doing before - he no longer salvages and loots blue wrecks of random ships killed when his tornadoes aren’t on the grid. And I even saw recently his tornado to be killed by antiganker. He was even once ganking with (one) thrasher smaller ships - which brings the question, why was he ganking with single account when he has 4 who can normally shoot at the same time?

I feel like macro usage is only getting more frequent, largely because CCP inaction towards obvious macro or even bot users. We have new ganker at Jita using 6 tornadoes, but he only shoots multibillion DSTs so I never noticed him taking the shot to see the timings, but something tells me it will be instantaneous, otherwise the DST would dock right? Also other gankers are looting super fast, but given your video showing the setup, I can no longer come to conclusion they are using macros. Maybe they are there crushing LMB for hour manually… And the macro-abuser in Ahbazon is still pressing 28 bombs at 4 different clients within 2 second interval without failing a single bomb…

Honestly, this all with the recent nerfs to ganking, kinda feels like EVE is a sinking ship… It is disgusting…

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Jita’s bad enough without loot bots.

CCP seem to reimburse a lot of losses just because it’s easy to do and keeps the player happy. The killer being a botter or not probably didn’t play into it.

I’d rather get them to enforce their own damn rules.


Good luck!

yes, they ban 3 days for botting. This is probably what happened to Ivicek. He got the 3 days ban, and then allowed him to get back into the game. Which would also explain the reimbursements.

I am a master bot reporter with lot of emails thanking my reports. I am not reporting any more until the alpha clones can use red safety again in highsec ^^. Good luck with the RMT.

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