Loot Bots at Jita IV-4

As others have pointed out to you over and over (for years), ganking has been rebalanced almost a dozen times either directly or indirectly over the past decade.

Ignoring facts doesn’t make them go away. Sorry bud.

But it affects every single legal player. Maybe not directly, but indirectly. The Isk’s are not thrown away. You don’t know which way the money will go. It’s a pity, but it’s just the lot of all free games. They all perish because it’s just totally cannibalized and sold. Who knows how many content creators and companies are involved to pull the money out of the players’ pockets. Even the big corps are small offices and then all the Youtubers and small gangsters who sell systems and permits for money. Do I want that as a player… No. Will it still be forced on me… Yes.

It has very little impact in the grand sceme of things though, and CCP can influence the market themselves if they need to, to balance it out.

I agree it’s a pity though. As long as they don’t let it get too out of control though I’ll live with it. I played a game waaaay back in the day called Diaspora that got infested with bots and they did basically nothing about it until the point that it was pretty much all bots and the game fell apart.

does this mean me haveing a tractor right they getting loot bad

There is also a chance that this gets gamed off by throwaway middle-man alt who loots it and then eject it… In Jita anyway.

It is tough. Players will always come up with a way to defeat the system.

Also the timer you get from someone shooting you is way longer than 15 seconds, so once someone shoot you after you took yellow loot, you will have to warp around safespots for 15 minutes which is nonsense.

So relying on an existing capsuleer log-out timer is nonsense.

A new timer would have to be created and this timer would be acquired by picking up something from a yellow cargo. It won’t solve everything as it just changes meta, but it largely increases the opportunities and number of ways how to interact with anyone looting a victim of a gank. It should not prevent jumping a gate though imo.

I mean, you can still dock with a log off or suspect timer. And cloak.

My reply was directed at a hypothetical situation where @Kezrai_Charzai proposed that you wouldn’t be able to dock with logout timer.

ROFL, this is the weirdest take I’ve seen.

You can actually make the praxis into a tough little hi sec hauler nugget. You can dbl tank it and it gets a bit nuts.

I kinda would be for this although it would kill staton suspect baiting LOL.

Which I’m kinda ok with. If you’re gonna suspect bait, commit to it.

Yennoe your boy Drac praises Kusion on the reg. You guys need to get better notes and such :smiley:


Maybe the real gankers are those who come along every now and then, splash several ships and then scoop the loot.

The real question is, where else does the same script appear in game? Obscure gankers mass attacking large mining fleets who then go into hiding for a week or two?

Is this input broadcasting?

A player has ten computers that can all run Eve Online perfectly, that are set on the lowest CPU graphics setting possible. Each computer is located in a separate location, a garage, the basement of a relative, an abandoned building, etc. All of the computers are tied into the host’s computer that is set up in a normal environment. The player then enters the single keystroke that launches a fleet of ganking ships that the goes about their business of ganking.

The central host or ganker though, would never be more than a block away from their other computers which could be connected to the host ganker using an extremely powerful Wifi signal instead of using LAN line.

In the scheme of the ISK farmer, I think the above is more than likely, especially once the ISK farmer bot begins to bring in fast cash from the illegal sale of ISK.

dude suspect baiting give you if i remember well a 8 minutes suspect tag were everyone can shot you
10 seconds you cant dock is nothing
if you agro you get a large timer you cant dock
this will not affect suspect bathers at all
maybe i didn’t understand the proposed system well

btw yesterday i sat at jita undock for 2 periods (total 30 minutes edited) blinking yelow and no one shot me

15 minutes. :wink:


You can test how fast a player is able to transfer cargo very easily.
1.Open up your own cargo hold.
2.Drop a jet can with loot.
3.Open the cargo window of the jet can.
4.Position the jet can cargo window slightly to the right of the center of your monitor’s screen
5.Destroy something close by, then select ‘Look at’ wreck to center the wreck in the center of your monitor.
6.Open cargo hold of the destroyed can or ship and then immediately click Loot.

Since the cargo can windows stay in their position that you place them on the monitor, you should be able to get loot within 2 seconds, if you are sitting on the ship or can when you destroy it.

my brain
i did it 10 times this week and cant even remember the timer


People like to do the bait and switch by docking once they get the combat timer and coming out with a wtfpwn ship.

Which I get, but I’m also ok with losing as I personally just commit when I suspect bait because half the fun is seeing if you can kill the guy with a ship not meant for that usually.

i usually don’t change ships because I’m poor
long ago a great pilot taught me the ways , he used to change to a glorious bhaalgorn
i adapted my style to a dollar store version :stuck_out_tongue:

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So while Furies have been banned (although I seen one Furie character with gnosis for a while on Jita dock about week ago), there are now new bots. Just seen wreck being looted before it even appeared on my overview. I reported that guy last week already, and still nothing. How hard is it to check the time difference between ship being blown and loot being taken and between loot being taken and docking to figure out it is not humanly possible?

A couple of things.

There are some characters, like the Furies, who appeared to be fully automated. Their whole presence was scripted to the point that the pilot didn’t even check what he’d looted for a few days. I know this because he accidentally looted from a friend and it took him a few days to respond and return the loot. When he responded, he advised his friend that he’d updated his scripts to effectively white-list him to prevent it happening again. I would call that character a ‘bot’. They received a ban on Monday of last week.

Then there are some characters who are there, kind of present, but using automation software or scripts to loot faster than non-automated players. Players like Kurenai Uchiha aka MajinVegito, Ahori Igunen etc. They remain unbanned, unchallenged.

A couple of new characters have turned up and they’re definitely loot thieves. It’s maybe too early to say for sure if they’re automated. If they’re the latter (ie using scripts but not fully automated) then it’s likely that they’ll be able to continue for as long as they like.