Loot Bots at Jita IV-4

That is not a bad idea, but it will get solved by Praxises or DSTs pretty quickly.

But yes, it would add some risk to currently 0 risk activity and chance to interact where there is pretty much none, so I gave you a like.

Why do you think that? Just because they aren’t online?
In a couple days I will pay a visit to them.

Ganking has rebalanced continually. Sit down and shut up.

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Okay so let’s juice it up a little. Suspect flag triggers a 10-second “security scan” from a station.

If a “Capsuleer log-off timer” is triggered during that time (weapons have been fired at you), you become unable to dock at all.

So at that point stealing loot all across the game becomes a chase where you have to run until you find a station you can dock at without getting shot during the 10-second security scan. (Or 15 seconds, whatever.)

Imagine all the hilarity that would ensue! Still wonder who this would (unfairly?) throw under the bus during regular gameplay though.

Perhaps EVE’s next bit of space-music could come from Benny Hill:

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Heck I ninja loot all the damn time and I think this would be amazing.


Kezrai Charzai in two days I will try to find a flaw in the bot and exploit it and if i can find it then we will be playing Fight To Survive


:martial_arts_uniform: + :ninja: = :boom:

An interesting development. Nobody believes that CCP didn’t know about it. The question is who benefited from the loot bots. CCP never claims to intervene in the game. Anyone who follows your videos attentively will come to a fatal conclusion.

Laughing To Death GIFs | Tenor

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lol :smiley:

We received 28 emails confirming that action had been taken at the same time that they were kicked offline.

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Real life lol. No. You’re wrong.
Who are my null sec friends exactly?

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They’ve actually been getting reported for years. I’ve reported both bots and griefers in the past where nothing gets done for ages - then suddenly a number of them disappear at once.

It seems that CCP only takes action when either a lot of reports come in a short time frame, or the bots attract wider public attention, or CCP has decided it’s time to make a show of “We banned XXXX bots this quarter”.

Apparently this thread either increased the number of reports or the public attention enough that CCP responded.

If CCP appears to respond more quickly to nullbear bot reports, it’s probably because nullers are more likely to trigger either a critical mass of reports or more public attention.

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Actually, CCP doesn’t benefit if someone plexes their account with bots. Except when the legal players end up footing the bill. So the legal players pay everything and still get a good kick in the face.

Yes. The legal players buy Omega and Plex. The bot users finance themselves from these plexes. Then to smack the legal player in the face. It’s like a vicious circle. The big loser here is the legal player who is deprived of his money and the fun of the game.

If they are paid accounts, CCP doesn’t care if you bot or input-broadcast.

see: Kusion.

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As others have pointed out to you over and over (for years), ganking has been rebalanced almost a dozen times either directly or indirectly over the past decade.

Ignoring facts doesn’t make them go away. Sorry bud.

But it affects every single legal player. Maybe not directly, but indirectly. The Isk’s are not thrown away. You don’t know which way the money will go. It’s a pity, but it’s just the lot of all free games. They all perish because it’s just totally cannibalized and sold. Who knows how many content creators and companies are involved to pull the money out of the players’ pockets. Even the big corps are small offices and then all the Youtubers and small gangsters who sell systems and permits for money. Do I want that as a player… No. Will it still be forced on me… Yes.

does this mean me haveing a tractor right they getting loot bad