Loot Should go to Highest Damage

NOT last hit.

This should be good.

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I think it does go to highest damage. I’ve heard that it’s a total misconception that it goes to last hit.

It’s been my experience that it always goes to last hit.

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Lol, it goes to top damage already today.

I’m haven’t competed for pve loot in ages but… this came to mind reading this thread.

Only a few understand the mechanics, and how things actually work in EvE. I’ve seen highsec veterans telling this last hit nonsense to newbies.

… and finally people even question CCP: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000597345-Container-and-Wreck-Ownership

There is no way killing “alternative facts”.


I dunno… not a pve’r. But I think its strange there’s a “thing” going around and sniping other peoples event sites? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:*

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Sure, there was a lot of “sniping” with the last event. But the people, mostly those in drone or missile boats, complaining don’t understand what is actually going on.

I was able to win almost every site with my auto cannon Loki dishing out ~800 DPS instantly and perfectly applied to the Battlecruiser or Battleship. When the drones and missiles of the drone boats arrived, I already made enough damage to win the contest.

Also if a couple of people shoot the target, you only need to make more damage than any of the others. Plus the resists profile of the rats is important. If the rats have little shield HP but high resists, it may take forever to clear shields, and whoever clears armor and hull wins.

You might be right, not gonna argue because I dont know what I’m talking about.
But… I’ve had members in sniping in past Events to collect skins and maybe even get a stupid one grabbing the loot anyway and go suspect.
And from them talking on coms while doing it, it sounded like they alpha’d the pinjata and got the white wreck (even if the bear had been chewing on it for 5 min)

Do you know if this a recent change?
Since you say old veterans are saying its the final hit, has it been like that in the past?

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I can say it’s top damage since I play EvE, since 2013. Also just common sense, a last hit gets it mechanic is just stupid. Those who claim alpha hits for the win just got top damage too. See my explanation above.

Anyway everybody can do a simple test to bring this discussion to an end. Find a belt rat, shoot it until it’s almost dead. You can do this in noob ships. Switch to an alt not in same fleet and “alpha” it to death … what color has the wreck?

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wrecks go to final blow and have done for as long as i have been playing.

you know its ok to point the finger at me for shite i have actually done right?


Is it really the final blow? I thought it was “first one to touch the rat” like WoW.

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Just set the safety to yellow and it is always yours


Wait, loot has an owner other than the person who killed everyone else in the area and took all of the loot?


Pretty sure it’s final blow.
Though be aware I’m posting this on paddy’s day and I’m actually Irish so maybe check back in the morning.

I like you.


Or the person who is swift enough to run away before getting killed?
Failed example:

“What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine. See that guy over there, his stuff? Mine too.” ©