Lootable Deathstars

Thanks CCP I now feel like Luke Skywalker, the wrecks did not need changing many other things wrong with the game like glare issues. Sigh…

Pretty sure that’s a snowflake.

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And definitely not a moon. :dealwithitparrot:


Nope the wreck is deffo a deathstar it tried to suck my noctis in xD



Yup I know it was glaringly obvious, just like the sun in the mission plexes.

There’s a sun in mission plexes?


I should have said solar glare. Either way both are a crap design.

Just …

… oh ■■■■ …

… omg here it comes …

… almost there …

… so close …

… look the other way! :smiley:


Put on your sunglasses :dealwithitparrot:

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Just …


Imagine being triggered and complaining about a holiday related visual change to wrecks.

Imagine being triggered and complaining about a person being triggered and complaining.


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