Looting abandoned structures?

How do you loot an abandoned station?

Hack it like a data/relic site?
Attack it (shoot it) and blow it up?

I know of a couple that are about to become abandoned.


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You cannot. You can only destroy it. Scooping a structure only works if they are unanchored.

I didn’t mean taking the structure itself.

I meant looting whatever is inside.

gotta pop them, scoop what ever the loot fairy leaves you.

When an abandoned citadel dies, all the items that people had in their hangars (item hangars, ship hangars, corp hangars, delivery hangars, etc) will spew out randomly over a 500km sphere, in the form of jetcans that don’t disappear in a timely manner, 1 can per person behind the stuff.

For example, let’s say at the time a citadel dies, 10 people had things inside the citadel. This means there will be 10 cans, each containing the entire person’s stock of items within the citadel. These cans will be placed randomly along the surface of an imaginary sphere about 500km in diameter (250km radius) around the citadel’s center.

With these cans, you can put items in and take items out just as you would a normal jetcan, and this includes launching ships from the container in the case of assembled ships. Repackaged ones can’t be launched and instead act as bulky cargo, meaning for example a repackaged freighter will be stuck there until the cans despawn, days later, or is blown up.

In hisec and lowsec, taking things from these cans will give you a suspect timer, meaning you can be shot without consequences, so it’s recommended you bring proper loot ships such as an instawarp max-cargo Sunesis.

As I mentioned earlier, these cans can take days before they despawn if they’re never looted in full. I’ve seen the sphere of can wreckage from abandoned citadels stay there for a couple days, mostly because nobody cares about looting all the random corvettes and stuff.

Hopefully, this provides a sufficiently detailed summary of how looting abandoned citadels works (the same concepts also apply to when a citadel dies in Jspace or Pochven, which don’t have asset safety), straight from someone who used to make a lot of money off ninja looting like this, and still does time to time :slight_smile:


Structure… station is never abandoned…

structure however, is. and everybody has posted how you deal with that.
please use prop terms… structure=player built station=ccp built.

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