Lord Vaari defend the Providence

Our Hero, our Hero, claims a nobleman’s heart
I tell you, I tell you, the Lord Vaari comes
With afaith wielding power of the ancient Amarr faith
Believe, believe, the Lord Vaari comes

It is an end to the evil of all Provi’s foes
Beware, beware, the Lord Vaari comes
For the darkness has passed, and the legend yet grows
You’ll know, you’ll know, the Lord Vaari has come

Lord Vaari, Lord Vaari
By his honor is sworn
To keep heathen forever at bay
And the fierce foe rout
When they hear triumph’s shout
Lord Vaari, for your blessing we pray


Lord Vaari is the Golden Mountain!
His justice floweth like a fountain
He shall never be defeated
From high throne ne’er be unseated!

Vaari! Vaari! Faster than lightning!
Everyone likes him!

Lord Vaari is the great redeemer,
His fingernails could not be cleaner!
And one day he will hold our hands
and guide us all to Promised lands!

Vaari! Vaari! Faster than lightning!
Everyone likes him!




I can’t put a finger on his Greater Qualities, but it is obvious he possesses them in Abundance.


He is possessed that’s right…

Those red eyes,the green smoke around him and the 360° movable head are not normal…


Verbosity, and a deep and abiding love for his own words.

And consider who’s saying that.


runs away snickering


If only they were his to begin with.
Plagiarism, hrm.


fair point!

Actually, let’s call it ‘parody’. After all…

There once was an Amarr named Vaari the Lord
Who loved to self-aggrandize on the summit board.

And the peacock did puff up and proudly exclaim
the list of ridiculous titles he claimed.

but never a lick of sense Vaari would make
when his grievances against CVA he’d state.

He’d rant and he’d rail and he’d cry ‘heresy’
but never any real action 'gainst Provi we’d see.

Instead he’d go silent and sulk o’er his lumps
before starting it all up again in a month.

and produce some of the Summit’s strongest accord…
from those who wished would just shut up Vaari the Lord..


Lady Arrendis,
That was one of the best poems I have read in IGS. I will buy you a cold one if we ever do meet!

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The Gauntlet, it seems, Has Been Tossed.

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As I’ve told others, Warden Saltz, I prefer simply ‘Arrendis’. If you feel you must be formal, the correct form would be ‘Director Culome’ or, in the local dialects of Delve, ‘hey, asshole’.


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