Lore: basic food

Again, CORPORATIONS. Profit margins at all cost. If corporations can cut off one part of the cost, they take it.

Second, notice that there aren’t all that many agriculture pods floating around in space. You really only seem to encounter them in mission sites and deadspace complexes and they are too small to meet the needs of entire space-borne civilisation. What little they do have is supplementary.

In space itself, in order to save space, they wouldn’t be raising livestock out there. It’s going to be mostly vegs and tubers, especially potatoes and beans. If anyone wants meat, the cheapest solution is going to be flavoured protein paste. So, to get lots of protein paste for the cheap (and legal), they will need to process potatoes and beans (and excrement. All of those need to end up somewhere). So much trouble.

Now compare to some bloke with a vast collection of corpses just dropping them corpse in the corporation hangar and asking for a very fair price. If someone thinks that they can shave off a couple percent by using corpses someone is selling to them on the cheap to make these pastes, they take it.

Corporations have no morals, only balance sheets.

I never see planetside, or see shipments of agricultural products either. So if the food primarily comes from planets or it’s grown in space is an open question at this point, unless the lore is firm on this.

Well, this again comes down to the issue of energy abundancy. If you have cheap and abundant energy then you can afford to operate spaces large enough to raise livestock, plus grow their feed as well. Space is only ever a concern if you lack a cheap and abundant source of energy or the materials to build it. Given the size and numbers of the Astrahause’s I don’t think that either are an overwhelming concern.

I think that we’ve already agreed that such under the table dealings may be very possible, even if not the norm.

I would never dream of claiming otherwise. :joy:

On the space issue, again, probably the thing with the balance sheet. Why raise lifestock when you can cram more workforce (and ships and cargo) into them and make them all eat Quafe and ration bars? They want more delicious food, they can pay premium for genuine beef from district Wanyu in some world in Black Rise.

Yet at some point it becomes more cost effective for the corporation to grow the majority of their own foodstuffs in space than to import them, or the ingredients for their own products, from deep gravity wells. Wouldn’t you agree?

Assuming that they want to expand space more with the materials harvested from asteroid fields for the farms instead of, you know, using that same amount of materials to build a f-ing Titan.

It’s not exactly a sane place.

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As an aside, I’ve started reading your posts in the same synthesized voice used by Stephen Hawking. Thanks to your suggestion in this thread. Your IGS Cast

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Experience improved!

thanks for the replies everybody.

thanks to readin around now i am aware there are trillion people and there may be classs that are fed stuff like soilent green.

the question with proteins for me is does bacteria production- i drink such ashake once in the while -, hemp or insects (lets say flour worm) not outweight retrieval cost of dead bodies? (perhaps a clone body can be 3d printed in a deadly bacteria soup)

second nuts it is a medical fact that nuts reduce heart problem through a recent meta study. i doubt high class would ignore that.

You still need biomass. Bacteria doesn’t grow without carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Life does not spontaneously generate without the basic atom constituents that form chains of proteins. You can’t print a clone body without biomass.

Also, dead bodies aren’t that hard to find. Stations will be filled with them because people die all the time. Remember that much of the space stations you are going to dock into in the game are essentially megalopolises. They could jettison them all into space (and expect someone waiting outside to snatch them and sell to someone else), cremate them (and render them useless for much of anything) or just dump them into a processor and get biomass out of the deal.

Retrieval in space is more of an opportunistic activity. Wait for stuff to blow up, go right on in for salvage and dead bodies.

Which is exactly what I was saying. Bodies in space would get picked up by salvagers while they’re scooping up wreckage. Once you have the bodies you can either jettison them back into space or you sell them to the highest bidder. What’s more likely in the Eve universe?

Beef. So: corned beef, steaks, hamburgers, beef jerky must be a real possibility.

You forgot ‘beef’. As in it’s not really beef but it sure tastes like one. Lab-grown or just flavoured protein paste/patty.

I didn’t outright deny that there would be body salvaging for food purposes, I just contest the scale and how widespread the practice would be. My problem, I guess, is that CCP has envisioned this world that could only exist in a post-scarcity, or at least near post-scarcity, economy. Yet for Eve to be Eve, there must be scarcity. This results in mixed messages, at least to me, if you know what you’re looking for.

If we pretend that the Eve universe is post-scarcity I’m sure that even then you’ll find cases where people are salvaging human bodies for food purposes, though probably a fair amount less often.

Here’s the thing though. Even after making leaps and bounds in energy generation, there is still a raw materials bottleneck. Especially when we take into account of all the stuff that’s getting destroyed due to one space violence nonsense or another.

Eve is far from a post-scarcity setting.

Oh yes, I know. The devs set it up that way on purpose.

Even with asteroid mining alone there wouldn’t be enough materials for what the capsuleers go through. While Eve has moon mining there isn’t any wholesale dismantling of planets, rocky and gas giants, nor is starlifting practiced. Given the amounts of energy the empires have available to them it’s amazing that the last two options aren’t being pursued. Starlifiting alone would supply millions of earth’s volumes worth of usable metals.

//added while @Elmund_Egivand was writing his reply
There’s also the fact that they have fusion and they use it to tranmutate matter into antimatter, as a means to store energy! That alone tells you something. Not only is energy so cheap and abundant they can store it ineffeciently as antimatter to have the advantage of a very concentrated energy source, but they can transmutate matter…into any other form they wish and they have no problem doing so.

However, in-game reasons require scarcity.

You can chalk that up to the Empires not having figured out how to Starlift and the unwillingness to Planet-Crack due to the potential outrage that will generate. And the fact that all the people in power are nutcases who when given the choice between filling the cold void of space with more Leberstraum or build more giant guns in space, they keep picking the giant guns in space. And then losing them. Then replacing them again. And again. And again.

Perhaps, but we’ve figured it out, several methods in fact, but merely lack the political or economic incentive to do so. But yes, it could still be that way in our future thousands of years from now as well. It could also be the same in the Eve-verse.

You must consider too the issue with finding the raw materials for the transmutation, and the fact that the people of Eve are not right in the head.

Tell me about it. :laughing:

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starlifting might need hard ai and transcendence which is what the capsuleres could achieve yet might need hard ai base.
singularity level one is imho a society that can decide to what kind of society it wants to be (memetical,structural and execution wise) and restructure like a human can restructure clothe for daily purpose.
recource war point to pre scarity then again planetary managment reveals that proteins from bacteria is used for explosives. terraforming except caldari in the beginning i’m a bit at loss.
perhaps it’s a mix of pretranscendence stopped calcified and given a feeding hierarchy (see firefly or cyberpunkish settings)