Lore / story Arc Proposal: Zero Point Energy

Plot in m mind: edencomm after all the espionage has become more tightly knit as a group, receiving funding from the correct groups which perhaps has been vetted by several oversight groups and now has established secret planetary research labs throughout neweden including in wormholes. the goal of these secret labs is to investigate new types of energy sources to create new more advanced ships for the edencomm line to combat the triglavian threat as well as to aid in supression vs pirate corruption.

some how its leaked that edencomm starts researching “zero point energy” and now all groups have to investigate every planet within the game to try and find these secret research labs.

a new kind of easter egg hunt, some kind of survey scanner vs a planet could be kind of cool to see and when war clones are more established it might give capsuleers a reason to move them around and drop them down onto planets as part of a sandbox search attempt.

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