Losing a bil can be fun

2 weeks ago, I (my alt) dropped an athanor in a quiet-ish low sec system with the intent of doing some moon mining.

4 days later, the shields are down.
1 week ago the reinforcement timer expired and the structure became a 1.5 bil killmail.
It took me about 3 months to afford the athanor, and a week for it to die. But IMO it was worth it:

  1. I’ve learned that the “quiet” lowsec system wasn’t all that quiet
  2. I’ve learned about structure anchoring mechanics, reinforcement timers, and what it takes to kill an athanor
  3. I got to take screenshots while it died, and to see a Nyx on grid in the meantime (a rarity for non nullsec players)
  4. I had a nice chat in local with the Nyx while the structure caught fire
  5. I got to mine a (tiny) bit of ore as the moon chunk popped shortly before the athanor died
  6. I briefly owned a structure in EvE

Yes, I could join a corp that defends lowsec structures. Yes, I could make more isk than I do. Yes, putting an athanor in that system was guaranteed to become a lossmail sooner or later. No, I can’t afford to replace it. No, the loss isn’t going to make me quit.

EvE is great because of memories like this. It’s why I keep coming back in spite of its flaws. Sometimes we make isk. Sometimes we lose it spectacularly and get to watch the light show. Sometimes we grab the loot from under someone’s nose and get away with it.

Yes my isk/hr is terrible, so is my zKill. So are my ship fits. EvE is more than optimising, it’s about taking risks and sometimes about getting away with them.

What do you plan to risk today?


You have learned how to EVE sir.


I have sent a billion ISK to someone just to make a joke. It was a rather silly inside joke. But it made me laugh for quite a bit. And even now, I have to grin thinking about it.

If one isn’t playing a video game for fun, then what’s the point of all of this?


Good on you that it didn’t make you quit.
Now sin no more, join a good corp that defends its structures, and mine some yummy moon goo too.

Oh, and I risked sanity by probing an entire drifter wormhole, all 63 sigs, looking for a usable exit. All that to try to yank a little bit of ISK from this game and its current economy.

Yup they really come out of the woodwork.

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I assume youve quit trying that

Cool now just 1000 other things to try once and quit.

Hurry though, as CCP attempts to reduce that number every “Expansion”

i must now know what the joke is

There were 13 stations in the 0.5 where i lived. Now its a ghost town.

Do you mean Structures? Stations in LS are indestructibule.

Protip: Try anchoring mechanics on the test sever, because they are really confusing. You will still probably do something wrong, but you will have dodged the worst.

Zero Risk today, I mined yesterday! Though tomorrow is another day!

Depends, how much you got? I’ll pay you back, honest.

Let me guess , you learned the hard way

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What hard way? By reading?

Well I leaned the hard way.
Reckoned my prey must have one hell of a tank and hits hard till I realized I was shooting the station.

Lol ok well yes I suppose I may once long long ago might have shot an NPC station.

I was fresh from X2 or 3 at the time so makes sense if I did.

I can not remember the last time I had lost a billion isk.

I risk my Atron against NPCs everyday. Those agents’ missions are stressful. Good thing the hybrid weapons and antimatter ammo are good or I’d be pirate food.

When you gave it to me to buy an Orca on the promise I took it to null

Still to this day I do not remember doing anything like that and if I did then it was goodwill and if I hadn’t then thank you for reminding me.

In any case it still wasn’t a loss to my understanding.

Do you require another? I would much rather you take one than give one to Safety’s new leader Wrathful Hawk!


I never say no to donations in the name of fun!

Wrathful Hawk sounds like an 80s hair metal band

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