Loss of PI items on customs office transfer

Apparantley EVE has something with me. Looks like another char of mine is having this problem as well.
Right now I should have had 720x of Transcranial Microcontrollers in my cargo hold but after receving some weird error about cargo space on customs office when hitting the transfer button all I’ve got was 629 of it. Where the hell is the rest gone?
I made 3 petitions so far, 2 were closed because I didnt give enough information. What other information should I give, you hit the transfer button and you should have the same amount of items in the Customs Office window.

Don’t just petition - report it as a bug so that it gets fixed. Also, leave a message in the bug forum, wherever that is. Maybe someone will read it.

EDIT: Saw another forum post on this recently. Are you the same guy, or different? Just curious.

Prolly Im the same guy but this time I had the issue on a HS toon.

Just as a thought: thousands of people PI every day. If this was an issue, it would likely be widely reported. It is possible (but unlikely) that it is a weird issue that effects only you. Since it effects 2 different characters of yours, this is even less likely.

If they want more info, they aren’t asking for anecdotal ‘but mah stuff!’ descriptions. They want a screen shot before, during, and after sorta thing. If it’s a bug it should be somewhat duplicateable.

More realistically, it is likely that you are doing something differently or set up something differently or are transferring differently than most other people doing PI, and that is why it appears to be only happening to you.

What can be so different about transferring or setting up?

Tempting fate here but my PI is working okay.

Follow the advice above.

I dont know what you are saying about setting up differently. What can be different?
I have my PI ready to transfer in the launch pad, i push the TRANSFER button for the PI to change windows and I receive less on the other end.

Reproduce the bug, take screenshots during the affair, submit full report to petition including screenshots. It’s what I’ve done in the past. It works.

Some bugs can’t be reproduced on demand.

Some bugs also happen only once every 1 000 000 tries. And typically those bugs are rarely noticed “I must have been tired”.
eg the bugs involving database synchronization.

Im planning to record my next session of PI transfer.

you should record your next 1000 sessions ^^

Dont have too, had this going on on my last 5-7 transfers.

As an example, maybe you do an expedited transfer to your Spaceport just before launching. Maybe your transfer route passes through your Command Centre. Maybe your Command Centre is somehow trapping 500m3 of goods on the way. Maybe your ship cargo or Customs office is already almost full, and so it can’t transfer the full amount and some stays behind.

These are the sort of things that could be ‘different’ for you than someone else, and would also be why you would want all those things open and visible in your before/after screen shots.

My CC is never linked to any route on the planets I use.

And the Customs office is always empty when I transfer.

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