Lost it all, NVM

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #1

Closing due to loss

(Tatyana Howell) #4

Pm sent

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #5

Thanks for notifying me, You don’t get to see the eve-gate notifications on these forums for mails and what-not. And as this character posting is just a skill farm, it doesn’t get logged in often, besides being my forum face.

And I have responded to your mail. I am willing to do that, per my mail, give me 24 hours for IRL to sort some things and I will contract to you

(Farrokh Bvlsara) #7

I’ll take the Star Captain skins off of you. Can you private contract them to my main: Nerdz Rool?

(Nerdz Rool) #8

Yep I’ll take them of your hands. Do a direct contract or contact me first whatever works for you.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #9

Yep, I will contract the set to you in the next 24 hours. I will have the free time to tomorrow night since it will be friday

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #10

Contract is up.

(Serenity Fireslayer) #16

interested, can log in and we may chat?

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #17

@Serenity_Fireslayer Got my hopes up just to try and attempt a scam. Please try it on someone more gullible

(Serenity Fireslayer) #21

… removed

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #22

I find it funny you forgot you already tried to scam me once. Bump

(Nerdz Rool) #23

Interested in muninn and broadsword firewall breach skins. Can you make me a sweet offer ingame since we did business before?

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #24

I’ve sent you a mail in game with reduced offers, as well as an actual ability to contact me over the weekend since I will be away.

(Nerdz Rool) #25

Accepted the contract. Thank you for doing business again.

(Nerdz Rool) #28

Almost feel ashamed to ask:

Can we do a deal on the Naglfar skin? Message me ingame if you can.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #29

Message sent on the alt holding the skins.

(Nerdz Rool) #36

I’ve sent you a new offer via evemail.

(Emperor Ryan) #37

I’ll buy both Nagalfar Skins if you mail me a sweet Offer via mail

(Nerdz Rool) #39

Contract the Naglfar SKIN to me and i’ll accept ASAP.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #40

Sorry, it had been sold already. I have been unable to update this page as I’ve been in the hospital for the last 6 days. Sorry again. :slight_smile: