Lost it all, NVM

Np. Hope everything worked out allright in the hospital.

5 bill for the marshal?

Noted, still awaiting distribution, so until then. Taking more offers, also added skins and updated pricing

what about a sweet cristmas deal for an abaddon headhunter skin?
feel free to contact me ingame.


In my personal opinion, ~900M below Jita’s current sell price is a great deal already and I won’t go further.

Still got an Abaddon HeadHunter skin? Would you by any chance go lower on the price?

Woo, changed up the original post so I can make this a “sell whatever I happen to be selling” thread, instead of a selling skins thread.

Edit: Selly Sell sell on April 7th

Would you care to post your opinion about NES and SKINs UI as a whole? How do you feel about buying SKINs, adding to collection, checking for missing pieces, managing SKINs in cargo, etc.

Sorry for such a late reply, I’ve been in iceland for fanfest, and am currently admitted to the hospital. Definitely an interesting idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of it implemented. I don’t actually really use any of the skins I buy, very rarely do I use a skin if I find the price is too high for me. I just like the buy and flip.

Also, take this as my bump for 19/05/18

Lost it all, closing up the thread

^ Can confirm is my loss. Don’t fly high and tired people (MJ is perfectly legal in the fine state of california)