Lost Residue Calculator

Can we get a calculation of how much isk we lost each month due to wasted cycles.
It gets hard counting this by hand.
Just add a Total Lost (Quantity) graph to the Mining Ledger

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More importantly, let’s get a calculator that calculates the amount of will to play the game that is lost by the idiotic residue mechanic.

I had 2 toons fully maxxed out to do some Orca/Hulk mining… after one load I stripped both of all their skills and sold the SP (in-game of course).

Such an anti-player regime at CCP. Morons who believe NFTs are actually a good idea.

You can’t possibly have lost something you weren’t meant to have. Thats what “waste” means. That’s like trying to determine a isk amount for each minute you spend traveling instead of making isk.

Also, what would be the point of such a calculator? The only thing it would do is give you moar tears :sweat_smile:

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