Low Sec Event Idea

No, not some stupid Kill X Players. Something that fits in more with the ore changes.

Temporarily make it a criminal offense to transport Tritainium in low sec :skull_and_crossbones:

How about fuel blocks can only be manufactured in low sec?

That would be fun too, but I was trying to avoid “forcing” people from high to participate, because you know, pixel cowards and all :wink:

Assuming the ore changes work, the targets would be null blocks transporting ore they purchased.

People don’t move minerals as it’s much easier to move ores, so jump freighters, DST’s, etc. will just continue to move compressed ores and this would have no affect as an event.

However, aside from that what affect does this have other than a red flash?

There wouldn’t be any sec status loss, nor any killrights given.

Moving while criminal in lowsec is pretty easy, even in a DST.

Seems the only thing this would prevent is moving minerals to highsec, because you’d get CONCORDed the moment you jump in from low. But that’s also not a problem since people move compressed ores.

And what that means? Suspect timers means nothing outside hisec. And timer will only matter on gate camp from lowsec. Any transport that will escape camp in first hisec gate, he can wait out timer.

also containers, warps, raw ore etc. probably way to hard to do fail proof code than profit/content it will create.

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