Low sec or No sec?

Before you enter lower sec you get a warning popup. What else do you need? Expecting any protection after jumping through is naive, ranting about on the forum and demanding game changes is showing ignorance. People who care figure out how mechanics work, which is part of the game. No need to explain anything … which wouldn’t help anyway.

I like where you goinfg, but just for the sake of argumente, I did not say getting rid of system security.

My idea is more about ecosystem , moving an overloaded High Sec stuff to an underused Low Sec.

For the rest of the post, I totally agree. Maybe changing the ecosystem may be too much.,

Thread after thread pops up after ppl get blow up doing anything anywhere. This in and of itself is absolutely meaningless.


Please no.

True, but I believe most users that don’t live in LS think like that.

And people don’t move to LS 'cuz it’s so unattractive. So the question rebounds, if CCP fixes it from the point of view from LS users, will it be more used? Or are we just making it more convenient to the people that already live there.

I think the line is draw right here, is LS supposed to be used by a niche? YES? Then I’m outta here, and won’t argue anymore. NO? Then we need to sit and talk.

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Point taken, not this case.

I just made this thread since I keep reading lots of stupid threads.

I was not expecting to be right, I’m not addressing the casual gate camp, I’m addressing a large portion of space not being used.

You point is totally valid, but sometimes not everybody is ranting you know, for all that I care I DON’T CARE lol, I’m just here for a good discussion. @Tipa_Riot it’s sad you are so toxic, maybe this would put some water on all this salt?


Lol… I guess you never lived and gate camped in lowsec before.

Oh man, I totally overdid in this thread.

After reflecting on the posts, I realized forbidding POS in HS would be a way better fix to the problem.

I can’t take the merit here, some CCP staff talked about it in the past. That change would not only force more corps into LS but also make HS current stations valuable targets.

But hey, the amount of QQ would be over 9000. One can only dream.

People don’t move to LS because it is mostly pvp oriented and there aren’t that many hardcore pvpers to populate it.

I think they should increase income opportunities in lowsec, and reduce it elsewhere. This will draw people into lowsec.

The best income shouldn’t be in some dusty hidden wormhole, or far away at the opposite end of nullsec (behind keepstars and warp bubbles). The best PvE income should be in Tama and Amamake. The best minerals, the best PI, the best rats, the best gas, and the best market brokerage fees should all be in lowsec.

It’s much easier to defend nullsec territory, or a wormhole, lowsec does not allow warp bubbles and it has public NPC stations. It is also accessible. There would be a lot more activity in lowsec if the income stream was moved there.


Id tend to disagree. I see losec full of explorers, ventures, DED runners, entire frikking mining ops (seriously. Getting used to seeing orcas and skiffs on dscan) and mission runners on top of the usual generic thugs, miscreants, rabble-rousers and naysayers. It’s flat out crowded till you get 10 jumps from nowhere, and even then you never know.

I could say the same thing about c1-3 w-space, but that’s another conversation.

If it’s so meaningless then why do you even waste your time posting in this thread? Just to say it’s meaningless? Your meaninglessness doesn’t give it more credence or take any from it since it’s meaningless.

Cause it only takes 1 hand to pick my nose leaving 1 hand free for stuff like posting on the internet

No you didn’t, I did and I think it would be better. Just two kinds of space: Noob space and then PvP/PvE space.

I don’t know if hisec is overloaded or lowsec is underloaded, I’m not knowledgeable enough to say that.

There definitely needs a few tweeks. I don’t like that word “ecosystem”, we’re not fish!

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FU. Don’t bring my mom into this! Don’t even reply to me, you don’t exist to me now.


Don’t think of low-sec as ‘inbetween space’. No one likes a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Making it safer will only alienate the players that already live there, and it’ll put the economy in a bad way, again.

Nor is fixing low sec strictly about how much the space used. Hardly anyone lives in wormholes but that does not mean wormholes are broken, on the contrary it is sometimes referred to as the least broken area of the game. Hi-sec has loads of players living in it, and it most certainly has a lot of controversy around it.

The problem with lowsec is that as long as it’s treated as ‘inbetween space’ there won’t be anything interesting to do there. And all the resources found within lowsec will be more abundant in nullsec or easier to get in hi-sec.

All CCP need to do is create different areas that provide players with interesting and meaningful choices of where to operate. And then players let players go where suits their needs.

Faction warfare is centred around lowsec and people goto lowsec to partake in it. Resources have been redistributed such that Iso and Nocx are mainly found in lowsec, and mineral values are starting to reflect that.

Giving lowsec content and resources that cannot be found elsewhere will mean that at least some people have a reason to go there. And the fewer people that do, the higher the rewards. Beyond that, tweak the bits of content within lowsec. Make FW less farmy. Sort out rorqual mining. Supers or no supers.


I have, and I am aware of the warp out mechanic. The point I was trying to make is that gate guns in low sec force campers to adapt to them. Running into a single frigate on a gate in low sec is not a threat, while it can be in null, but a properly organised and knowledgable gang can work around the restrictions imposed by the guns.

low sec people doesn’t want NO LOW SEC people in low sec
they ruin everything
i wish CCP and the other NO LOW SEC people stop trying to bring to low sec things that low sec people doesn’t want
we are fine
leave us alone

I promise I won’t touch this topic anymore.

“it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. right?