Lower monthly cost for veterans and students - a win win for players and CCP

It would be great if there were discounts for a more affordable monthly rate for students and veterans (eg: 4.99-9.99/mo instead of 14.99/mo)

These discounts will allow more people to play past the alpha skill cap and even attract more players with the discounts. More paying players also means more income for CCP.

Seems like a win win to me :wink:

And people wonder why CCP doesn’t bother with the forums.


Can you name another MMORPG that does this?

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So if I’m doing any study I get 1/3 the price…
How can CCP verify this.

And no to Vets. This is not the USA. It’s a global game.


How about veterans on the losing side of a war? Will they get a discount or a penalty?

Does this mean veteran / ex-isis members could play EVE at a discount from now on? :thinking:

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