So how to start this…
I am returned player, I played Eve long time ago and I bump to it few days ago again. I read whats new there and decide to give it a try again.

I must say the new tutorial and the start in global is nice and smooth.
Then you do the first career trainers and then… the legendary hard learning curve of eve.
You finish the agents and then your spited to the game. So what to do now? What way to choice?

As mission runenr your good. You simply go start missions lvl 1 and slowly learn and imrpove.

As a explorer, its also good, you can do that no problem.

As pvper?you lack the real skill and the skill points. So you probaply start in FW caping the sites, runing away (cuz almost everybody kick ur ass) and slowly farming LPs for first isks.

As miner/indy?thats the most boring I think, cuz you even miss the adrenalin from runing away. You just sit in the venture, watching the rock,laser it, turn it for profit, save money for some barge and wait for skills for it…and your cripled this way for many days. All you can do is make few friends who boredly mine as you and talk talk talk…
And a lot fof ppl leave, give it up. And if you want to try be “the big manafacturer” its maybe even worst, bps are expensive and your production cant compete the real big gamers(reaserched bps, fited riged stations etc) and your production on start is almost contraprofitable.

As the upwell structures are kinda new (and I love them) they are too hard for beginners, cant afford them, cant craft them and even if so, cant aford to fuel them, or makeing the fuel (or ISK for it) or it will take all the time you have for play and it change the fun to another work.

So FINALLY heres the idea :smiley:
You know the mining staions/post you find in missions sticked on the asteroids?

So I think about something like begginer stations, like classic upwell structures but much smaller, for really small corporations, when you find friends on belts, or when you just start playing with few real friends, for your gang.

These stations will have some bonuses, but very small compare to regular stations and will be stricly limited. But will be reachable for bunch of beginner friends/corpies. But it will be limited by size of the corporation, like it should be really just the step before you can move to bigger ones, maybe just for corporations for max of 40ppl, you know lot of ppl have alt toons in the corporation, lot of ppl stops play etc so 40 is OK I think. When you update your corporation for more ppl, then you lost your licence/rights to run those mini stations. Of course there will be also downgrade button in the corporation menu, when u fc/k something and need to go back (we all know the corporation UI need some love and improvments anyway eh?)
and maybe they can be anchored just in Hi sec?or max low sec?
These station wont run on classic fuel, cuz begginers/alfas cant make it. So maybe some fuelmass made from minerals, or opet planetay onteraction for alphas on lvl 1-3 or something and then it can run on enchanted uranium prehaps.
Then how shoul it work?

So for example:
Mining post (mini refinery structure?)
You can obtain the BP from mining missions LPs or buy on market.
It will cost just hi sec minerals, and t1 planetary stuff, so the beginners can really build it up.
Only frigates, destroyers , industrial ships(no freight) can dock in. About barges I am not sure. Also maybe the first industrial commander ship before orca.
It can just reproces ore, no compress,no other modules(or maybe 1), expect the standarts like repair ship, change character look, insurance.
It will have bonus 2-10% for reprocesing ore, but it cannot fit rigs. No multyplayers.
You can anchor it on anchor spot near asteroid belt (there should be 1 or 2 spots on each side of the belt, depends on it size)
It can mine the roids as the rafinery can mine the moon, but this will be active mine like siting in ship, so you target the roid and launch your laser cycle. The power of mining should be like maybe two ventures?or 1,5 strip laser?simply not much. And ofc you must sit in the station.
The reach of the statin should be around 100km so even if there are 2 stations on belt,they cant cover it whole and mine it up, the middle of the belt will be out of reach. Place for other miners or attackers etc.
The station can be attacked when war dec, but should dmg caped to suport small scale gangs and smaler ship, so it wont atract pro pvpers in BS that will solo it. Something like max 100-200dps per ship so it will like frigate to beginner/alfa cruiser pilots combats and no point if you bring something bigger. There should be some disruptor field/beam that will nullify the logi cruisers, cuz the dps of the station will be propably suited for frigate to cruiser combat so too low to break the rep amout of it so thats why.
And last thing. Limited store hold for players

Well an in the same way Enginering post, but can manafacture or research,maybe just manafacture,smaller bonuses then classic upwell structures.
Maybe just bonus for frigate and t1 modules…thats what beginners need.
Docking for frigs and indies.
And for those seeking smal scale wars= security/pirate post will be stronger in fight and docking also accept cruisers

Thats it. Sorry for long post and my eng grammar…but I hope you get the idea. The step between I am alone noob and I must join huge corp to move forward. Something that show you the game and allow you imagine it on bigger scale after you grow up a little.


Just terrible, race to the “endgame” that doesn’t exist in EVE.

Did right a reply, but the forums ate it.

I agree that entry level pvp sucks right now and it shouldn’t be so expensive to start a wardec. But the other parts like mining from within a structure are a no go for me. It sounds like the next level of brick tanked mining beyond the orca that we just don’t need right now.

Is RvB still active?

In faction warfare.

Well I understand that “another orca brick” but well, this brick cant warp out or anything, it will be a wardecable structure…

Anyway it was just idea, it doesnt need to mine by laser or anchored on belt…it can be, just really smaller version of station.

Simply something for new guys, for smaller corp or pack of friends, like for 2-15 ppl. who doesnt have the skill or time to fuel the classic station. You know its not for like for 1-5 causal players, who doesnt have days for play, but just hours, or dont have that skills to fuel it. Cuz you know how many planets(=ppl with omega or few omegas with a lot of skills) it takes and how much ice you need to fuel just one station.

Why dont give something to new guys to aim for in theyr ventures, frigates, cruisers?Let them use it and get use to it and see how much work it takes to run it. And when they skill up or grow up in numbers, that they can move on or move to normal structures?

Some kind of Forward Operation (trainee) Bases for players.

The idea is pretty bad. 400m for a raitaru in which you can run all the above is not that much money.
Fueling it is about 200m per month, again not a big deal even in hisec between a bit of PI, a spot of mining and some mission running. I used to run a 2 person hisec corp with my wife, just casually mining in some 0.6-0.7 area for a few hours every week (like less than 10) and getting our first structure deployed took less than 2 weeks.

Otherwise a reasonably tanked retriever can output some decent yield while minimizing return trips.
If there’s more than two in a barge, learn and get into a porpoise etc.

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