LP Store Overview Tool


Is there a tool that accurately displays the required materials, ISK and LP to acquire Assets via any LP Store with a dedicated search function for specific stores and also displaying locations of such stores?



I have used this one before and it was inaccurate regarding the thing I was looking for. :confused:

Inaccurate in what way? Prices? Well it only aggregates market prices for ESI and they usually aren’t up to date at each second. So same problem will be with any third party market tool.

It was about the input materials you need. Aka what you trade as a haulable item to get the store item. In that case related to a Concord Lp store. I guess it’s just a rather unpopular one :smiley:

you could try this

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This you should always double check prices yourself first. It’s a guideline and a convenience.

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