[LUMEN] Ammatar Mandate Revitalization Project / Welcome to Lord Ardishapur

The Duchy will send relief supplies as well, just tell us what you need most of and we will arrange it.


Maybe they were just high-velocity Walnut deliveries…

Thank you. I recieved your shipment today and it is appreciated!

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Most welcome, Wish I could have done more, but need to feed people in the duchy as well. but if i get more stuff freed up I’ll send it your way as well

As part of our development of relationships and ties with local industrialists, Holders, and Loyalist Capsuleers, private tours of Tebu Ankhiman are being offered and can be scheduled on request with Directrix Lunarisse Daphiti or may be offered by invitation.


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Where is this happening? How can i get involved in this venture for the betterment of the empire?

With the onslaught of another Crimson Harvest season, clone bay and docking fees at Tebu Ankhiman are being reduced to support capsuleers fighting the Blood Raider menance in light of rumors that the Blood Raiders are particularlyfocused on the low security regions of the Derelik, Mandate region.


This year, “Saint Nicholas the Destroyer” will be “visiting” the freeport Tebu Ankhiman in Tanoo, Sunday, December 12, YC 123 at time TBD to meet the children of the citadel.

Those capsuleers with children who’d like to participate, just send me a private mail.


“Feast Day of Saint Beryl”
Come attend a church carnival in the Mandate celebrating Saint Beryl! Puppet shows, Ni-Kunni crafts, rides, food and entertainment, ending with a candle lit procession to the “Grotto” of Saint Beryl! Friday March 11th at 20:00 NEST to late (Procession is 3:00 nest)
Location: “The Souk” in Tebu Ankhiman free port.


I’m there.

For those wondering, once arriving at The Souk, ask for directions to the Carnaval L’Eton.

Due to operational issues, the capsuleer night portion of the festival will be postponed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Awards Gala for the New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest will be held in Tanoo on the Tebu Ankhiman freeport at its Starlight Ballroom!

The specific date and time to be announced, but tentatively mid-June.


The above event will take place Sunday, June 26th, at 19:00 NEST.


Dress code / other rules?

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No weapons; formal dress appreciated but not required.

Looking forward to announcing the winners tomorrow!