[LUMEN] Ammatar Mandate Revitalization Project / Welcome to Lord Ardishapur

While we have few rules for the freeport, and simply expect guests to not abuse our hospitality, we have a new rule out of respect for local authorities in the Mandate. In accordance with the directive of Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf, the “The Peace of Kahah” Holofilm is restricted from being imported or exported on the Freeport’s market or being shown on Tebu Ankhiman’s internal holo networks.


The shopping district has really grown! I really love Bab’s Pet Store, it had all kinds of snacks and toys for my mini-slaver hound! :slight_smile:


I received a shipment of men and women’s Frontier Safeguarder T-Shirts, as a thank you for the Plex for Good Donation. All winning bidders whose donations were consummated have been or will be given their t-shirt!

For those who do not know what the Frontier Safeguarders are, here is the quote provided with the shirts:

The DED’s Reserve Frontier Safeguard service, commonly known as the RFS or “Safeguarders”, has its origins in a lowsec/nullsec frontier patrol operated using reservists from the member states of CONCORD. The RFS originally provided a security patrol presence in lowsec systems with planetary colonies and other orbital settlements. Since the expansion of CONCORD’s mandate and permanent DED fleet capacity in YC105, the RFS has evolved into an organization focused on providing disaster relief to colonies across lowsec space.

The ships of the Frontier Safeguard carry specialized personnel and equipment prepared to deal with all manner of environmental hazards. The RFS will respond to emergencies involving such challenges as super cyclones, tsunamis, continental wildfires, global duststorms, and seismic and volcanic events. Their specialized shuttles and dropsuited Safeguarders will unhesitatingly deploy from orbit into some of the most dangerous and remote environmental disaster zones in New Eden. Still funded by the CONCORD Assembly and staffed by reservists from the member empires, the Safeguarders are a welcome sight for any remote settlement desperately in need of their aid.


With the cessation of activities and withdrawal by the Ghosts of Kahah, in the Mandate, LUMEN has now taken administrative custody of their former facilities. LUMEN is in the process of integrating them into our operational structure to further the economic development of the Mandate and/or may be repurposing at least one item to advance the “Good Word” on behalf of the Mandate and what is happening here.


To further augment LUMEN’s efforts to promote the local economy, in the Mandate Tet Hedu Vecaharu Bara , has been established in Tanoo as a freeport for the refining and compressing ores, to compliment Tebu Ankhiman.