[LUMEN] The Recent FMC Bombardments

LUMEN’s policy with respect to FMC flying dreadnoughts and using mobile cyno beacons in high security space to deploy same is that they are now being deemed presumably hostile and an attempt to harm the Amarr Empire, directly or indirectly, through false flag attacks. Consequently, LUMEN will engage any and all of them at this point regardless of their ostensible ‘faction’ affiliation unless accompanied by an official acknowledgement or statement by the Empire or its Allies that the attack is lawfully authorized. Note this only applies to high security space incidents that are combined with the mysterious mobile cyno devices of unknown origin, and that fit the pattern of attacks denied by all the Empires.


Force seems quite reasonable under the circumstances.

Tangentially, Nation, Drifters, Triglavians, Jovians, etc. don’t need cyno beacons (of unknown origin or not). If the cluster’s mundane governments are keeping cyno devices authorized for use in high security space on hand, which does seem like the sort of thing mundane governments would do, someone has a warehouse that is missing a few crates. An inventory audit may be warranted.

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