Lvl 4 mission rewards

The tags are used for re-sale sometimes I may put them towards faction items depends on what mood i’m in, or how the market is behaving.

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Cool. Most folks don’t run the faction kill missions for fear of negative standing. I’ve already trashed my Amarr standing so I may have to start running that one again. I remember really enjoying it years ago.

Smash the supplier, in the midst of deadspace, surprise surprise, pot and kettle, just to name a few. if you do not care about standings then i would recommend no bounties but the tags and loot plus LP make up for it.

and then you factor in the time to loot, and you realize you take twice as long just to collect your stuff ?

edit : it’s a question, I don’t have the answer.

Yeah, I definitely don’t care about the standing lol. That ship has sailed. I tried holding onto my Caldari standing for a while, but I recently gave up on that too. Personally, I’ve found that taking sides makes more isk, a la lvl 5s and Faction Warfare missions. Loot is also fun. You can do things with it like reprocessing and trading in the tags for blueprints in the LP store.

I havea maxed out noctis it takes a couple of minutes all the loot is less than 5k away so its just a case of lock and salvage i do five wrecks per cycle and all the loot is in the cargo container from the MTU when you pull it in to your cargo hold it leaves the loot in space just a case of click and collect. Seconds thats all it takes seconds. Everything is at your warp in location.


They are good for chill pve. LAnd, stuff dies, on to the next. For those not needing max isk per hour its not a bad setup. I spam say 5/6 lv 4’s then go do some other eve things on other chars.

I for many mmo’s tried if I like the game don’t mind just subbing. Its how the game stays a game and not a job. So its a few lv 4’s then do other stuff in a char or 2. Kronus will pay itself in time. If I could stop going to jita going let me impulse this stuff now anyway.

Also for the more security conscience, or paranoid, its the side activity that can get the marauder dead faster. And old hunter trick is to not probe for ships. YOu scan for the sites. This was how back in the day you bagged then unprobable T3C. You’d never find them on scans. So you’d find the sites they were in to surprise them lol.

Marauder with magnometric skill can be really hard to find in bastion. Want it even better sig amp and/or sebo ecccm scripted.

So a mission pocket can be “safer”. You’d jsut get those moments of MWD pulsing to be scanned with a fat sig radius.


There used to be programs for this, they actually put it in game now. The bonus on hisec reprocessing structures is nice.

Well, that’s the information the OP asked for, i.e. the purpose of the thread.

You’re telling me, answering “42” is actually the purpose of the thread ?
Or was it to discuss the general rules, caveats, that people found during the process of acquiring that data ?

Enjoyment is a totally adequate reason to do something in eve. I get it, it’s like a project car. I used to do the same thing with my Machariel. I had 4 bil in that thing, it was awesome. Eventually I sold it when I moved out to lowsec and it started collecting dust.

I’m also just being realistic about the numbers. In my opinion… a ship that expensive should make a lot more, even in highsec–but that’s on the game designers.

This is the coolest thing about a Marauder imo. They can be almost unscannable with eccm scripts.

They need to risk a 1.5 bil frigate instead. Yes, so much better

That is not true.

The ships are between 300-600 mil.

Hateless has a spreadsheet with his completion times. Dunno exactly how updated it is but should be good enough to ballpark things. Level 4 missions - Google Sheets

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7min for scarlet ? It seems he got this one on a far, far away.

1.5bil is roughly enough to buy a nergal and fittings to do every frigate burner, Fit: Nergal, Burner: Unified Nergal - All Frigate Burners by Twinkle Stardust | EVE Workbench

that and some of the items are inflated since people are lazy and straigt up buy all, the listed c-type em hardener is ~100m comparable other C-type hardeners are ~30mil. Also with the recent Gurista event a bunch of small ship items are also short term up.

if you go with the regular faction frig/AF setups you have around 500m or less in space.

eh maybe been a while since I cared too much about individual times


That will require very precise overheating in some cases to match the speed margins. Regardless, my point was flying a frigate that expensive is far more riskier than flying a marauder

Exactly. Lots of folks think car people are crazy to spend thousands of real dollars on something that almost never gets driven.

Seems a lot less crazy to spend a bunch of imaginary money on a ship you think is cool that will cakewalk through the content you want to do.

I get that to some people maximizing ISK/hour is fun. To others, it’s not fun at all playing like that. Neither one is wrong in my view.

But it’s inevitable here that someone will come along and tell you you are doing it wrong and you aren’t having fun, no matter what you are doing.


I’ve like one alt’s I have arty project. So far arty wolf and svipul. Her grand grand goal is arty loki. . 9/10 pve posters will say I am wrong. Use missiles they’d say. So would that 1/10. they’d say run AC. I already have the tengu to chuck missiles. Ran tengu for years…it got old at the end.

She is the more nomadic alt. I pick up and leave to whims. So not even into LP efficiency. This system looks interesting, lets see who has a station. No thukker? No republic anything? Well then lets get a new corporate lp entry.

She’s already getting trash amarr standings so she will wander to there sooner or later too. Been shoot on site before and a char or 2, so I will fix that before that happens.

This char and the main of the account that alt is on get to punch the time clock for daily shifts as it were. its the start of the work day, clock in to the kronos for closer to min max isk grind.

When its quitting time and clock out from that is fun time on the arty boats. You won’t get rich trying level 3 in an AF or dessie. But it does make level 3 run just a bit different lol.


Thukker is :fire: :fire: :fire:

One can also be both. Sometimes I want to maximize my isk because I want to do fun things with that isk. But sometimes I just want to do some classic lvl 4s and relax. I think variety is one of Eve’s strong suits. It’s great to have options and classic l4s are one of the more relaxing options. More exciting than mining, less stressful than abyss runs or the like.

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