Mac Client Crashing on 'Session Change'

As previously reported some users are experiencing issues when undergoing a session change i.e. docking/undocking.

As suggested on a previous thread on the old forums I have cleared ‘All Cache Files’ from the Reset Settings under the Escape menu and swithed to ‘Winehq-stable’ branch under the Preferences option of the launcher and this seems to have resolved the issue and stabilised the clients.

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Please note though by doing this you loose the Command key shortcuts as they are only in CCP-Master.

I would rather try other wine versions under CCP-master and see if that solves the issue.

I am crashing on session changes all the time. I have tried almost all of the wine from ccp to winehq. One interesting thing is that my session crash problems happen most often in Jita and congested areas. It is really annoying to crash come back at the permiter gate then warp back to Jita to crash again.

5 Days ago every time I jumped or docked the game crashed…Now I can’t even get Launcher to start game…I play on a MAC with latest version Sierra OS X 10.12.6. Getting help from tech support is for the birds, and new update posted in launcher to fix log on problems never did any good…Ran log lite and saved the errors listed. Ran shared cash and did verify, even deleted shared cache files and let eve download them fresh…Nothing… 4 days have not been able to log on with launcher…

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August update has killed my mac set up. Hangs when I try and launch a client. “EVE Launcher is not responding”