Mac OS High Sierra and older Macs, client never appears, Workaround


(GM Mechanic) #1

Some users have been encountering issues with launching EVE after the recent update to Mac OS X. The reason for the issue is the following error.

0036:err:d3d:wined3d_adapter_init_gl_caps Card 1002:6760 not found in driver DB.

I have a workaround for this issue:

  • Start the launcher.
  • Click on EVE Online in the apple menu at the top of the screen and select Preferences.
  • Under wine options make sure “User Dev Version” is not ticked
  • Dev Branch should be ccp-master
  • Wine version should already be set to the the latest, change to wine-1.9.17-143-g91037ca-ccp-72
  • Close the launcher and the client if either is running.
  • In finder, click Go to Folder and copy paste the following

~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/SharedCache

  • You should see a folder named wine – move that folder to trash

Start the launcher again and run the game and the client should start if the error above is the error you are encountering.

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(Darryn Lowe) #3

This seems to have worked for me.

Thanks for this. So the issue isn’t so much Eve as Wine?

(GM Mechanic) #4

You are welcome and yes the issue appears to be wine related.

(Aakiro Otsada) #5

So glad I found this eventually! Took me around 3 hrs of searching and troubleshooting. Excellent fix. Thanks!

(GM Mechanic) #6

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