Machariel bug

Machariel still warps at 3.0 AU/s which makes it a bug and bonus does not count.
As all battleships warp at 3.0AU/s machariel should get 50% more.

Machariel bonus:
50% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration

You’re missing the “I want to speak to the manager” hairdo.

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But it does??


Ok then it applies only when you activate the ship ?
Because in the past this bonus was already embeded into ship, machariel had 3.0AU on showinfo page, other ships had lower warp speed, even on showinfo page.

The Show Info page (from a non-Simulated or Piloted source) shows you the base stats of the ship, without ANY bonuses applied (from things like your own skill levels, or ship hull bonuses, etc.).

Did you maybe engage a fleet warp with a slower ship than a Machariel :)?

I know what it says in one place, how it’s different in another, so I tested it and found I cruised at 4.5AU/s.

The Machariel does get a role bonus of 50% to warp speed and acceleration, but maybe it doesn’t get calculated when you’re looking at the Show Info page ?

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Submit a bug report there :slight_smile:

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