Macherial and anomolies?

isk per hour in a pimped out mach?

in HS ?

very bad.

lock time sucks, tracking sucks.

go with a T1 destroyer (caldari cormorant is the best one IMO), a jackdaw, a fessor. With low skills, go with a cruiser(moa). For escalations (which are the real pay), go with a caracal fit rapid lights or heavies depending on the rats.

Later on you can also go with HAM caracal navy, wrecks the anoms with two rigors. For escalations, always go HM though, kite the rats while you shoot the commander, then dive in, loot, and leave. The fessor can do the same thanks to its range, jackdaw too of course, hecate and svipul less good.

give precisions in your questions, or you won’t get a correct answer:
Ratting? Missions? Incursions? Mining triglavians thingies? 10/10 escalations?
Null sec? lo sec? hi sec? Wh?

PS: Eve is not a job. Don’t focus on isk/h.

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  1. Smart bombs
  2. Multi box
  3. ?
  4. Max isk per hour

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