Magic 14 Nonsense


Magic 14 is amazing. This is what you can do once you’ve trained all Magic 14 skills to Level V…

I’m so excited that we’ve finally overthrown the tyranny of the Magic 14 cabal and the era of coddling new players. Huzzah!


O I can learn video editing by learning magic 14 :open_mouth: amazeballs.

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Hi Qux welcome;)

I remember he strongly suggested on his twitch for new pilots to train into those skill.

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I and 1 of my alts got muted in rookie help for speaking against “the magic 14” because that is trolling according to the volunteer hall monitors.


Sheep will be sheep

I guess it depends on how you do it, I very often speak against it. Never been muted for it.

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It’s how they recruit , I bet she has been offered a place at the bandit princess side already. When that fails to work they use other methods.

It’s too late…I’m gravitating towards my natural home in lowsec. Concord is tiresome. They don’t defend, and they prevent me attacking. Chasing highsec flashies is boring. Look at the impressive kill record of the person who zapped me today. I’ve finally seen the role I want in Eve…


Yes, come join us in lowsec Derelik!


Gonna stick with Wrecking Machine…but when they aren’t fighting I’ll be down in Derelik again. That was a good fight, lasted almost 90 seconds…and I was at perfect range. It was a good match of my high EHP vs her high DPS. I’d love to know what fit the Praxis had, must have been around 1000 DPS with those Mega lasers…as i tried out what I think her fitting is.

More to the point, there wasn’t anything in it that Magic 14 would have helped with. My Gnosis fitting wasted a slot on the close range blaster that never got used as the entire fight was at about 17km. Lesson learned from experience, rather than some ‘plan’.

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to do pvp you have to do prop , web , scram
at least 2 , 3 is the best , for range control
MAYBE , you could have orbit at 500 and outracked the praxis and blaster him to death
most PVP BS have neuts because of that

edit:for example : some blaster frigates use MWD , scram and 2 webs , get close and pew

dot forget thermodynamics - PVP always heat


That’s if you’re attacking. But my tactic was to be the target, essentially bait ( with 93K EHP or so ), but have as much tank as possible…and in fact initially I had her shields low while mine held out. So I’m not sure what, in her fitting, reversed that. At one point I even though she was going to un-scram and flee…but then her shields started regaining strength while mine fell…and it was all over.

yah but if you are bait you NEED point
else te guys just bail
your fit is too PVE , you need to cut corners to fit PVP modules
its super hard in the begining to give away tank but you have to
imagine SCRAM and fight with the help of the towers for example is a classic bait tactic

and if you want to use blasters = shortest range of any weapon = better DPS of any weapon you NEED to fight close , so you need to have modules to keep the enemy close , else its a waste like you said

probably ancillary shield booster

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It is. But that was an older fitting of Gnosis I lost. It had been sitting in Derelik unchanged for months. My newer version has Heavy Neutron Blaster and a 24km scram.

just remember that warp disruptor and warp scram are different
disruptor is for kiting ships , it only makes the other player unable to warp out , so you use and attack from far away , our out track
scram have shorter range but turn off MWD , so if you have AFB or web and SCRAM , you totally control range vs MWD ships

Probably this.

Pro pvpers don’t cap stable, this is PvE mentality.

They use batteries and they are cold asf to carefully manage the shield boost / armor repair.

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That’s the single biggest problem with lack of experience…forgetting to do things. Even initially forgot I had drones. But I guess each loss is a lesson.

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i use lasers 99% of the time and the cannons are most of my damage so i forget the drones a lot to