Magic 14?

Been a long time since I last played.

Question. Is the magic 14 still worth investing into, or should I just move right into a specialization?

In this case research and manufacturing.

I think Warp Drive Operation probably doesn’t belong on the list anymore. They are all worth training to Level 2 or 3. Specialize after that.

Thank you!

If your char is specifically about those manufacturing and research slots and what you can shove into the industry window then as Xeux said: no.

Magic 14 is about fitting and flying a ship.


Just for those who are curious: The Magic 14 - EVE University Wiki

Got them at least up to IV with every char, because my PI chars happen to hunt Herons as well. And perhaps this char has to fly an Industrial as well, so align time etc. is a real help.



If your character is not going to be flying and fighting the majority the time, the magic 14 will be irrelevant the majority of the time.

For an industrialist or trader you can easily skip those skills.

Even a character that does fly often but does not fight, like a hauler, can ignore part of the magic 14, most notably the targeting-improvement skills.

And even characters that do fly and fight can often get bigger improvements to their playstyle by training specialist skills rather than the level 4s and 5s of these minor generalist skills.

The main benefit of the magic 14 is that even though the effects are minor, these skills will always apply when you are flying and fighting, no matter your hull or weapon choice, which means they’re a good recommendation to newer players who do not yet know what they like doing and what they want to train.

Just train the skills that you think are useful for your character and feel free to skip (parts of) the ‘magic 14’, which in my opinion are overrated.


The issue is that people who are new think they have to train them all to V before doing anything. a more guided approach like the Pyramid scheme seems a lot better to me, as it shows options and how things specialise.

of course eventually all 14 will get trained but they don’t need rushed too imo.

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Thank you all for your input. I think I will go with a kind of hybridized plan, focusing on industry with a sprinkling of ship focused M-14s as they become relevant.

People who do that are weird (and I’ve never met one), but at least they have a great basis for further ventures into New Eden. It’s much better to invest your first skill injectors into the magic 14 than into Marauders, if you have too much money (which some obviously have).

The aim of “Magic 14 supporters” like me is to show that supportive skills are very important in EVE, even if they don’t enable a char to flying another shiny ship.

Thats cause a lot of newb corps would tell newbs they need the m14 first when they really dont need all to v

They usually want them to be able to use corp fits, which require power, cap, and CPU standards.

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