Main AFK cloaky thread

Unfortunately the overwhelmingly vast majority of the players have said the same thing— that’s why wormholes are the least used area of space despite being an order of magnitude more profitable.

There are a whole lot more differences between w-space and k-space than just local… You know that, Mike. Once you stop being intellectually dishonest, maybe this discussion can go somewhere.


one of them being that we don’t have afk cloakies :slight_smile:

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Which is ruined by local…also the reason why AFK cloaking exists in the first place.

Yup. Warping into an anomaly, seeing that juicy target 100 KM off and slow boating into position can take awhile.

Never said it wasn’t; nice non-sequitur. The point is that local enhances your safety while ratting, mining, etc. Cloaking does not let you rat, mine, etc. while cloaked (irrespective of whether you are ATK or AFK).

You mean like the logistical PITA of living in a w-hole?

Gee, I wonder why? :thinking:

If cloaking was designed to make the game better, what would it look like?

What makes a better game? Generally something that gives players what they want (excitement, enjoyment) and rewards skill.

Players want a chance to be able to avoid death through skill, and cloaks deny them most of that chance.

One problem is that cloaking is the main counter to gatecamps. So gatecamps would have to be nerfed – and no game-design person would have a problem with that.

An obvious nerf to gatecamping would be guaranteed invisibility within 7.5km. So you could align and warp off at will. This wouldn’t stop bubbles being placed in line with the gates though.

Back to cloaks. We don’t want to eliminate cloaks from the game and they should nearly always provide some advantage. A simple nerf would be a much increased decloak range eg 10km.
I personally think CovOps cloaks are an abomination of game design and should be removed from the game.

Now these changes are going to limit PvP and there isn’t nearly enough decent PvP in Eve for those who want it. And because the latter is a separate problem, it can be solved separately.

How do you know a cloaked ship is in system with you?

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I’m honestly surprised they don’t do it in Wormholes too by just speaking constantly. Maybe making noises like the jaws theme music…

Daaaa bump. Daaaaaaa bump. Daaa bump. Daaa bump…

By checking local pilots if they are brave or pussies. If local gets removed, then whats the point of sov? Holding a space without reliable intel is bullsh1t. You know how hard and how expensive it is to defend your sov when you are not one of thoose big alliances? It takes alot of time and planning. Afk cloakers are not dangerous, they are just annoying and we don’t want so WASTE our time setting up traps for someone who is AFK when we have much better things to do…

Working as intended. You either can hold the space you claimed on your own, or you simply don’t deserve having it in the first place. Your entitlement strongly indicates the latter.


We hold our space. What i said was we dont want to waste our time for some afk pussy… Next time try to read my post.

Then don’t. Nobody is forcing you to spend that time.

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A comprehensive redesign of stealth gameplay to incorporate things like line of sight, using terrain for obstruction, etc. Unfortunately EVE’s engine can not support this, so cloaks stay as they are now.

I personally think CovOps cloaks are an abomination of game design and should be removed from the game.

IOW, “make my farming 100% safe”. No.


There are only two things that make you 100% safe in eve. Docking up and cloaks.

One thing, docking.

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You might want to look into getting some basic game mechanics knowledge first before making moronic comments about it.

Instead of insulting you should try to prove me. :wink:

Since wormholers always assume a hostile is around all it would do is grt them excited about a possible fight. Not like in NS where everyone scuttles for safety.


Yes by checking local. So what causes AFK cloaking? Local or the class aking device?

Suppose you have a player using a cloak in HS to move expensive low volume stuff? Why should his game be nerfed? I submit that such a nerf is ■■■■■■■■.

How about a guy rosming around NS doing exploration? Should his game be nerfed? I would argue it too is ■■■■■■■■.

How about someone hunting ratters with a cloaked ship while ATK? Seems like ■■■■■■■■ to nerf his game too.

And don’t waste time in setting up traps. ITT there were discussions of how to deal with AFK cloakers that minimized the risk they posed while still doing your stuff.

You do know you can fit a cyno on your ratting ship. And when using a drone boat or carrier it poses little loss of ratting ability.

ATK cloaking shouldnt be nerfed - i agree with this 100%!
But some random guy shouldnt be able to waste other’s time while he is sleeping or at work.
Cynoing a fleet in works but if the cloaker is afk then its a pure waste of time for the fleet. They are waiting for the ratter’s call which maybe will never happen… gg you just wasted a few hours of your friend’s playtime. This is not the right answer.