Main AFK cloaky thread

Now I have a reason to go to Iceland! To watch all these people meet in person! :scream:

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I like how you’re thinking :sunglasses:

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I AFK cloak plenty.

Is it necessarily a huge problem that needs solved immediately cause its breaking EVE?

I don’t think so.

Is it cheesy in a way I would like to see disappear?

In my opinion, yes.

Will it be easy to change?

Obviously no.

Should we give up and decide it will be impossible to change for all time and must stay as is?

Again, obviously no.

Will other changes be desirable if AFK cloaking is changed somehow?

Most likely. So even more ideas can be talked about.

Will all this talk lead to nothing to matter how good some ideas are?

Most likely. So relax.

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Snapshot. To everyone’s horror he turns out to be back ATK, decloaked and attacking !! So he was a former AFK cloaker. Or was it a former cloaker only pretending to be AFK ? This game can be so confusing at times :grin:
Anyhooo, it was in reference to MB’s

which requires some activity, yes. I especially appreciated the

which for me is the real essence of the fun of (solo) cloaky hunting. Yeah, that’s not afk cloaking. We segued

That would do nothing.

The AFK tag would go away when the cyno popped or the attack starts.

In fact it would add a false sense of security, lets say it came on after 15 minutes. That doesn’t mean the player is not right there watching the screen, ready to pounce.

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Looking through this thread, it seems the Devs team from CCP cannot hear our voice due to players from the “free awards afk cloakly team” burying great ideas to help to resolve this issue. Gerard Amatin comment from May 11th 2020 is correct and I agree with his first paragraph. AFK cloakly campers are a real issue, it makes the game unbalanced which they take away the enjoyment from the game since there is nothing you can do to counter them. (And the new Abyssal weather is not a fix, it is a feature and has nothing to do to fix the balance of cloakly campers.) For example, there is an AFK Cloakly camper in a system, and they ask 5 bil isk per system for one month so they will leave the system alone. That is extortion and with that they can pay for the free Plex, skill injects and/or buy sub/cap ships for other new alts, at the same time other systems spreading that across New Eden. That just ruins the fun for everyone.

There are a few more ideas to help with the balance WITHOUT braking Black Ops ships (movement or mission). Please keep in mind when I say “period of time” or “over-time” I mean hours, like 3 - 5 hours or 2 – 4 hours (that is up to CCP).
Yes, having a new RSS probe that can scan down cloakly ships. The longer the ship stays in one spot or near the same place for a long period of time, the easier it is to find and scan them down. Think of it as a “radiation“ hotspot that continues to increase remains in the same area. However of course, that afk camper “could” just warp to other location in space but by doing so causes a spike in “radiation“ signature when they land, or it hold its “radiation“ hotspot to the new land location. To release the “radiation” hotspot is by de-cloaking and maybe having a penalty of some kind. Also, a safe log will not help to reduce penalty time or radiation.

Another idea is to have ship’s capacitor slowly drain, again over time. No matter how much you are cap stable or if you have a cap booster (after de-cloaking), you will not able to restore it till the penalty timer is over. You can call it “silent running” where the EMF from the capacitor can give out its location, and there should be a cool-down or penalty where you cannot cloak back immediately after de-cloaking.

My last idea is when you hold cloak (again, over a period), more radiation builds up within the ship and holds it. The more radiations build up the more damage it can do to your ship’s modules, either overheats your high slots or all your slots. By de-cloaking the radiation is released and again, a cool-down/penalty should be applied so the ship cannot cloak back immediately after de-cloaking.

In the end, cool-downs or penaltys should applied so the campers cannot cloak back immediately after, and gives the defenders a chance to even the playing field.

CCP I really to hope you are reading this message and I hope this is able to plant some doubts about AFK Campers and understand our annoyance from players like myself.

*removed political commentary. - ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

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I guarantee the devs have heard all of the arguments. They haven’t changed in over 10 years.

An AFK player needs no counter.

Your defense for anytime a player is in system is the same. Fly smart.

It doesn’t matter if it is a cloaky ship trying to get you directly. All except the paper thin stealth bomber is going to have at least a 5 second delay before they can even start targetting you. An aligned ship will warp instantly whether it is a frigate or a supercap.

Even if they are just going to warp in to light a cyno, Even the fastest players still take time. When the cyno goes up the ships need to right click and jump, and then load grid. An aligned ship will still warp away in time.

How do I know. I always fly aligned. I haven’t lost a PVE ship in forever, aside from my very early days. A combination of dscan and being aligned I have gotten away from numerous attempts over the years.

Removed previously deleted quote and reply. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode






Every single one of your suggestions has already been discussed in this thread multiple times each.


This thread begins with a mention of observatory arrays which were meant to combat cloakers which is something CCP was seriously considering. Stop acting like CCP has never thought of changing this dynamic. They have and they have considered it quite seriously. We could debate until the cows come home why nothing has been implimented YET, but its quite enough that CCP has played with such ideas and we here in the idea section wish to continue having ideas.

I am sorry ideas are so very threatening to you. For the sake of your nerves you should probably just ignore this thread. Constant terror can lead to things like heart disease you know.

Just so I am completely clear. I do not think cloaky camping is a problem. I do not think it is cheating. I do believe it is a valid gameplay style and a highly effective form of psychological warfare. However, I do think AFK cloaky camping is a problem through the effective exploitation of an imbalanced mechanic; the perpetual input free cloak. I contend that it receive the same consideration and attention that many AFK ‘activities’ have as of late.

The attention generated by my reddit post on this subject has compelled me to take up the cause of bringing balance to the cloak. Not because I hate scarebears, or because I favor carebears, but because I am both, but favor neither. To quote Star Wars “Jedi and Sith wield the Ashla and Bogan. The light and the dark. I’m the one in the middle. The Bendu.

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Congratulations you have now broken all of Wormhole space.

Does this capacitor drain that overrides the cap-stability of a ship apply to all ships? or only the Cloaked Ship that you so much want to nerfed??? DO you think its fair that a non cloak ship can become cap-stable and run other modules indefinitely but a cloak shop cant???
You are also harming many cloak playstyles for at the computer players with this.

Again, you are just targeting a single module… What if I was to suggest that running your weapons over a period of time (without stopping for a cool-down) will cause them to jam/explode damaging your other module slots. Or shield hardners, or afterburners…

Again here you cause issues and nerfs to many ‘at computer’ cloaking playstyles, claiming it is because AFK is bad.

You have also failed to address the other side of the issue, Local.

Now if you had added “the cloaked vessel will not appear in local while cloak is active” with your ideas, they may have some merit and deserve some discussion.

damn. just shoot each other in game… :roll_eyes:


But… but… but… I’m cloaked! :scream:


Nobody ever said CCP is not interested in making changes; what people have said is CCP has recognized that cloaking cannot be addressed in a vacuum as the related intel from Local is deeply connected to how cloaking impacts gameplay.

Yes, CCP recently offered reimbursement for ship losses due to Local not working consistently as an intel tool. Which means CCP recognizes that players rely heavily on Local as an intel tool, and that if they make any changes to cloaking, they have to account for how those changes interact with Local, the impacts to intel as a result, and find a solution that addresses the psychological issue (per CCP’s own statements) without depriving players of the ability to interrupt the income activities of other players via valid use of game mechanics.

As for your insistence that a suggestion does not have to address an issue or solve a problem, you are hanging that on the concept of this being a general discussion space. It is not. This is a forum for the proposal of changes to the game. Making a change costs CCP money. Part of any proposal here is why should CCP make this change, given it is an expense to CCP to do so and that CCP is in the business of making money off of EVE. If the only reason to make a change is ‘because it would be new/different/cool’, the proposal is in fact a bad idea with regards to changing EVE Online at CCP’s expense. It can still be interesting and cool, but that doesn’t make it good and it os valid to criticize the idea on that basis.

Right! I’ve removed a large number of off topic, argumentative, rules violating posts. At this point, you lot should know what is and isn’t acceptable. Don’t do it again.

The rules, in the odd case you have no idea what they are.


Why does this dumpster fire of a thread even exist?

To give the complainers an echo chamber to waste their breath in…

And why are you here. Your friends are busy clicking F1 against the primaries. Go back to the frontlines. :slight_smile: