Main AFK cloaky thread

That does not mean being a hostile jerk is the best way to deal with it.

Come on man. Surely you can see you are putting the cart before the horse? No one goes around asking if other people had this idea before. And there are good reasons why. Chief among them is because people will say “Yep! Sure did!” without fully understanding what was said but merely assuming its the same. Come on man. You know this.

Besides which, just asking if people had the same idea IS presenting the idea. And that amounts to the exact same thing, leading to the same response.

Sure. But “timer” is a category and people can’t see categories when they just got a singular idea. You are expecting people know what you know from long experience, and they just can’t until they are told. You could tell them nicely. You really could. Or you could just leave it. You really could.

You know well what a mess this thread is.

And you may not be aware of some navigation issues peculiar to this forum. Oh, no, wait. It was you that wondered why I did not link to a sticky before right? Well that sticky was automatically removed from my view without my knowledge. Some one else said even using an exact word search could not call it up. Man, you expect too much, you know that?

If you do this and people say, “Been suggested before and beaten to death.” Then you should drop it. Or maybe go read the prior discussions and see if something was missed and you can offer something new…which you haven’t.

You do realize I came back to this thread and see you snapping at everyone for not giving your old and beaten to death idea the time of day, right?

Yes, and when I gave you two links that would help you see the old ideas you had a tantrum. You don’t have to read 200+ pages. But you should click the f—ing link and see that the first post has links to dozens of bad ideas, and another link to a post further down with additional links. And the ISD sticky thread has even more links which I provided too.

Stop acting like the aggrieved party here. You have behaved badly in a topic that has been around as long as cloaks have been in game.

Any kind of asymmetrical “solution” that shifts balance towards krabbing is generally going to be poorly received here. Go look at those links. See what has been suggested before. Use google, use EVE Search. This topic is so old it is ridiculous.

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I live in highsec and starting to spend more time in nullsec. I’m surprised by how much ratters in NULL expect CCP to keep them safe.

In highsec a fleet of destroyers or high-alpha BCs can drop in anytime to take out an Orca mining or a Marauder ratting. I use dscan often in highsec and warp to a safe when local blows up. And that’s with Concord there.

Null ratters seem to forget they’re in NULL SECURITY space. No Concord to kill your attacker for you. Null sec means you need to take security into your own hands.

It seems null sec ratters want to rat in complete safety with no risk whatsoever. How is that fair to someone ratting in highsec making half the isk with more risk?

Am I wrong to assume that nullsec is supposed to be more dangerous than highsec? After all, the rewards are better and there are Intel channels.

It seems null ratters don’t want to take security into their own hands or come up with strategies to bait out the cloaky camper.


Nullbears are the most entitled whiners in the game.

They were also raging when ccp took away their ability to rat afk with drones.



To answer the rethorical question: Yes, in fact he is.

Cuts into their RMT income. :slight_smile:


It should be. Cloaky Campers should not be nerf. Cloaky campers should be more dangerous than suicide gankers.

I don’t think that is inherently true.

The difference is between who is responsible for the level of danger players face.

In highsec, much of the risk is managed away by CCP through the game mechanics, while in nullsec, the risk is managed away by players, and players are just good at managing risk.

@Scipio_Artelius and most of nullsec space are empty. 0 in local.

And then you hit a bubbling gate-camp…

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Agreed, cloaky campers should not be nerfed. AFK cloaky campers should be nerfed. And local as well.

It’s silly that someone AFK can have a big impact on the game, and it’s equally silly that people have perfect intel about all the people in their solar system because everyone is forced to be in the chat system to show others ‘hi I just flew into your solar system you better dock up now’.

Nerf both and I’ll be happy.

Are you using the heat maps?

You mean the activity heat map on zkillboard? Yea that helps a bit.

Still no reason for AFK gameplay to be able to have such an effect on the game though.
It’s too bad that this AFK playstyle cannot be nerfed without a simultaneous change that keeps null somewhat dangerous, because without AFK cloaks yet with perfect local intel it’s too easy to avoid danger in null.

The problem is being afraid to undock unless a person is alone in the system is not the AFK cloakers problem.

Honestly, if people are afraid to die in a computer game, how do they live in the real world?


You think you want to wait 10 minutes for probes to come back?!

HS is more dangerous then NULL. If it isn’t blue just dock up, wait for them to leave or your alliance’s standing fleet or rage pinged fleet to deal with them or join it. HS you never know if that local spike is for you for sure before they are 1AU away from you on dscan.


They gave it back. Its cool. They reverted the change. They should tho, I didn’t like it either. The worst thing was waiting 23 seconds to wait for frigates to lock in a BS.

Yeah sure. Looking at the last 24 hours, 60% of the most violent systems in highsec have been starter/career agent systems of new players dying to NPCs (this is a pretty stable thing. It’s always around 50%-60%):

Out of the 1212 highsec systems, over 1200 of them are less dangerous than the starter/career agent systems. That’s a lot of danger I guess, so let’s go with it.

What does that have to do with this thread? Highsec is irrelevant to the subject of AFK cloaky camping.

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You null sec people are always afraid to undock for 1 non blue in local.