Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4171

they would still serve that purpose :wink:
only than it is a recon ship that we also can not see on d scan so they still have a advantage

(Merin Ryskin) #4172

Ah yes, the same tired old whining about how cynos need to be nerfed and taking it for granted that RMT farmers need more safety.

(Black Pedro) #4173

Not really. How useful would any of the Covert Ops ships be at operating behind enemy lines if they can’t cloak or fit a cyno? Without a cloak they would be scanned down and exploded in short order, and without a cyno it would be impossible to jump fleets behind enemy lines.

I can see why a nullsec ratter would want hot-dropping removed, but I can’t see how one can argue with a straight face that such doesn’t change the balance of nullsec dramatically, making nullsec much safer, especially for the larger groups who are really only subject to guerrilla-style actions.

(boernl) #4174

covert ops should be cloaky thats theyr role
they just do not need the ability to fit a cyno thats all

(Merin Ryskin) #4175

Their role is to sneak in as the lead element of the attack and then light the cyno to bring in the big guns. This has been their role since day one.

(boernl) #4176

that is the role of recon ships to penetrate behind enemie lines and to cyno them in
is this not the definition of recon

  1. military slang, US. short for reconnaissance
    plus recon and rescue assignments

(Merin Ryskin) #4177

Well yes, the real-world dictionary does not contain a reference to the fictional EVE technologies of cynosural fields and jump drives. I’m not sure what your point here is.

(boernl) #4178

the point is that black ops / bomber fleets can perfectly operate without having theyr own cyno fitted
edit: a black ops ship is a different story his purpose is to bridge so yes he could have a covert cyno for his role

(Merin Ryskin) #4179

You do realize that the entire point of black ops is their jump drives, right? And that those jump drives require cyno fields?

(boernl) #4180

thatswhy i editted my tekst

(Merin Ryskin) #4181

You do realize that the cyno has to be fitted on a ship other than the black ops battleship, right? That you’re arguing that covert ops ships should be able to fit a cloak and cyno so that the bridge works?

(boernl) #4182

can black opses not bridge/ jump to a covert cyno NOT FITTED to a covert ops / cloaky ship?
or are those jump drives suddenly defect than

(Black Pedro) #4183

What do you mean? The CovertOps ships have many roles and include such combat ships as Stealth Bombers and Black Ops Battleships. Their major purpose is operating behind enemy lines, gathering intel and launch surprise attacks, sometimes known as BLOPs, where they attack unprepared targets such as ratters or miners deep in enemy space.

You need a cyno to do that. In fact, they even have a special cyno designed specifically for these ships to enable this style of hot-drop-o’clock game play.

But even if I accept, with no reasoning or evidence, your dogmatic statement that cloaked ships don’t need cynos for some reason even though the devs gave them their own special version, you have to admit that deleting this would make operating in nullsec much safer no?

Well, regardless, I have had enough of this game for now. We all know AFK cloaking isn’t going anywhere, not until CCP turns their mind again to how nullsec intel works. Building more interesting game play around intel channels in nullsec is potentially interesting, but there is no chance CCP is just going to delete BLOPs-style gameplay or nerf cloaks just to make a few safebears happy.

(Merin Ryskin) #4184

You do realize that covert cynos can only be fitted by cloaking ships, right? And that a cloak is required to prevent the cyno ship from immediately getting probed down and chased off before it can get into position?

FFS, why are you posting your opinions on this subject if we keep having to educate you on basic game mechanics?

(boernl) #4185

wel that would be a perfect balance non cloakable recon ships that can field a covert cyno

(Mala Zvitorepka) #4186

Yes I am aware that stopping a hotdrop is done with your own - we got dropped by a dread (in our home system, wtf idiots), but our titan dropped on it to wipe it. Congrats us, we won. It doesn’t change the fact this is the most moronic gameplay invented as it doesn’t involve any thought, merely pushing a single button. No skill, no nothing. Roaming gangs require consideration, can be caught at gates and are in risk in various ways. Good FC is mandatory. Hotdrops have ONLY bigger hotdrop as a threat (or their own fuckup, but that’s not a valid consideration). Any braindead FC is able to do it fine enough.
Plus, this only covers offensive hotdrops. What about a ratting carrier/super that stays in a fleet to jump to help other ratting carriers? Where is the balancing risk in that? (as we probably all agree rewards are very high)

I do agree local needs to be changed. Implement that gate hacking and done. Nobody seen in the system for long enough that a roaming gang can probe and destroys the target (which they know is present as people in local before the hack, or using other gates, are still seen). Preferably eliminate gate fire effects (both visual and audio) during the time it is hacked, so a cloaked gang can enter the system perfectly unseen - need active eyes on both sides of the gate. Perhaps even make people entering the system through a WH completely unaccounted for until they take a gate (or log off and on again). “What a nice empty system, we have eyes on gates 10 jumps in all direction… oh what the ^@&!, where did those ships come from”
To boost roaming gangs further, make ships spawn 100 km from the gate in LS and 1000 km in null so they have to be stupid to be caught in a bubble. No more locking down of systems.
Now remove cynos completely (fixes hotdrop too) and it would be pretty nice to see convoys hauling stuff around again. That was fun.

(Merin Ryskin) #4187

At which point anyone with a scan probe launcher can press the “make recon go away” button and remove the threat. The cloak is required to obscure the threat long enough to potentially get into position and set up the cyno.

(Now, if you want to get rid of local we can talk about nerfing cloaks and cynos, but not until then.)

(boernl) #4188

actualy is that not exactly what is suppose to happen
and why does a recon ship needs the ability to hang somewhere undetectable for a time perios ofcourse ppl will try to scan him out thats
commen sense

(boernl) #4189

i realy do not have the intention of making nulsec highsec
i do have the itnention to remove a commen nuisance that can ( it will take effort and let some lazy ppl get off theyr ass) actually make it happen

(Merin Ryskin) #4190

There is your problem. You want to remove the inconvenience so there’s nothing to stop RMT farmers from getting maximum ISK/hour.

Because it takes more than 30 seconds to enter a system, get into position, and bring in the fleet? Because the only counter to local allowing every potential target to dock up as soon as you enter a system is staying cloaked for a long period of time and creating uncertainty about whether you’re an active threat or not?