Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4191

well that is why hunting a decent target takes effort and that is not a bad thing at all
and let ccp handle the rtm farmers
thats not our job

(Merin Ryskin) #4192

There is a huge difference between “takes effort” and “impossible against all but the dumbest targets”. You can’t hunt a target if they decide to dock up as your name appears in local and stay docked until your name disappears. No amount of “effort” will change the fact that the minimum time required to launch your attack is longer than the time required to see the name in local and warp out.

and let ccp handle the rtm farmers

Then why do you keep advocating gameplay changes that have a primary effect of buffing RMT farmers?

(boernl) #4193

that is youre opinion not mine
my intention is to give the pve players a break
that in youre eyes that is primairely a boost for rmters is youre opinion

(Merin Ryskin) #4194

Which they do not need. Competent nullsec PvE players are already making so much ISK that it’s causing undesirable effects on the entire EVE economy. So, if they don’t need a break because they’re already winning at EVE so well that they’re breaking the game, who else benefits? RMT farmers whose bots depend on local being effective and really want the one tool for attacking local removed, and renter trash whose skill ceiling in EVE is somewhere below the RMT bot.

(boernl) #4195

you know there is something called decency and insulting ppl is not showing much of that

(Maekchu) #4196

The “NPC Bounties” in the following graph is the reason why nullsec PvE’ers don’t need a break. I thought we’ve been over this @boernl.

As many of us have already stated. It’s fine with nerfing afk cloaking, but it needs to be accompanied with a nerf to local chat. There is literally nothing a roaming gang can do, when krabs dock up as soon as a neutral appears in local.

(Daichi Yamato) #4197

Things would change. Null bears will be safer.

Everyone knows this. Which is why ccp hasn’t nerfed cloaking.

Can’t you read?

(Daichi Yamato) #4198

The thing is, it does not help server performance.

Afk players have a negligible load on the servers.

(Daichi Yamato) #4199

Some mixture of this perhaps. But honestly im not sure ccp are going to touch it much.

I’m expecting something a bit ham fisted when the observatory arrays come out similar to the coming wardec changes.

(Lumukanda Theleraese) #4200

Yeah I know, re reading it didn’t really come across with what I was trying to say. Lost in translation.

(Xcom) #4201

Stop repeating yourself. What you just described was an exploit, not a mechanic countering another mechanic. If you want to play then stay in front of your monitor and warp around, it will be easy enough to avoid your hunters. If you go AFK then you should be probed down, decloaked and blown up and sent back to highsec for being dumb enough to think you can play the game without being in front of your monitor. Preferably followed by bio-massing your characters and go back to WoW.

(Xcom) #4202

Null bears wont be safer. The only thing that will change will be the 5 players that waste there time going AFK in systems won’t be able to go AFK any longer. They will have to do what everyone else have to do, play the game or log out.

(Daichi Yamato) #4203

Yes they would. It’s not really up for discussion. everyone knows it’s not going to change without first fixing local.

(Xcom) #4204

No it won’t, cloakers can still camp systems. AFK exploiting won’t change that.

(Wander Prian) #4205

There is no AFK-exploit. Just check the exploit-list in the support-page.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4206

I don’t even think there is a problem anymore:

In High Sec/Low Sec a clocked ship has just as much right to be there as the person complaining.

In Null if you own the space then put up Cyno Inhibitors and stop whining.
If you don’t own the space then the cloaked ship has just as much right to be there as the complainer.

WH people think this whole topic is a joke :slight_smile:

As far as AFK goes, AFK is not illegal in EVE.

(Daichi Yamato) #4207

That’s xcoms main problem.
He thinks people logged in but not playing the game, not doing anything, is somehow a bad thing.

Or at least that’s his front for wanting a safer null sec.

(Xcom) #4208

Only front your showing is the week minded care bear pvp mindset you have. Can’t even find kills so you have to stoop to low hanging fruits by using dirty AFK exploits. Null sec have issues but nothing about cloaking nerfs will fix those problems, not even dent them. It will however fix the problem cloaking have.

(Daichi Yamato) #4209

I don’t afk cloak.

I infact joined this ancient argument on the side of the ‘nerf cloaking’ side. But an old friend explained to me how easy it would be for null bears to live in safety if people couldn’t afk cloak thanks to how local works.

Shame he isn’t still here. He might explain it to you better than i.

(Xcom) #4210

And how will a nerf to cloaking dent the current meta that is used? Cloaked pilots will have to work for there kills? Ohh how awful. So hard to right click and warp to safespot #N. And if you really think null needs AFK cloaking to balance itself out then you seriously have no clue how null sec operates.