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(Daichi Yamato) #4211

Dunning kruger effect.

We all understand that nullbears use local to see when it is safe to rat. That’s established even with you i hope.

So right now, a player logs in, checks local and if it’s clear he goes to rat and make some iskies. If its not clear he logs off and comes back an hour or two later. It’s still not clear. So he logs off again. Comes back after four hours. Still not clear. What does he do? He doesn’t know if the neutral in local is afk or not. So if he undocks there is a risk. (important word)

Under your suggestion where an afk cloaker gets logged off after so much time things work differently. Lets say afk players get logged off after one hour of no input.

The same nullbear logs on. Sees a neutral in local, and thus logs off. He comes back in one hour and fifteen minutes and he sees the same guy in local. Now he knows that if that guy had not input anything after an hour he would be auto logged off. So the fact he’s still there fifteen minutes after the fact tells the nullbear with no uncertainty that the camper has been at his keyboard within the past hour. No uncertainty. No risk.

Another example. This time it is actually an afk cloaker who stays logged in before going on an 8 hour shift.

So with the current mechanics;
The null bear logs in. Sees the bad guy, and then logs off. Come back in an hour or so. Sees the bad guy again and so logs off again. And so on and so on for maybe 24 hours. The whole time the nullbear doesn’t know if he’s actually there or not. Risk.

But under your mechanics, the camper disappears after an hour and the null bear gets 7 hours where he knows hes safe because no one else is in local. No uncertainty. No risk.

Nerfing afk cloaking provides safety for nullbears. And they really don’t need it. They are doing just fine despite all the afk cloakers. In fact, the rewards from null are so huge that ccp don’t want to nerf afk cloaking without somehow balancing Nullsec risk/rewards at the same time. Which is why we’ve had this situation for so long.

You see, we DO understand how null works. Much better than you it seems.

(Xcom) #4212

What are you talking about. That’s not how it works. The so called “nullbears” in your childish scenario uses his brain and goes to the system over or calls in friends. Given you never lived in null it shows your lack of experience.

The only people that would be hurt by removal of local would be carebears like you. You would be killed so many times till you would quit, given how you need handholder mechanics like AFK cloaking to get kills.

Only thing that is needed is a way to kill the cloak’s so they don’t get to care bear behind a cloak. I rather have them stay in space indefinitely so I can probe them down and pry them open for that juicy loot.

(Daichi Yamato) #4213

Then what’s the problem?

(Xcom) #4214

Problem is “AFK cloaking”. You know. the topic of this thread?

Entitled cloaked pilots thinking they should be totally safe behind a cloak.

(Daichi Yamato) #4215

Yet you’ve just admitted they are an effective tool for hurting null bear efficiency.

(Lumukanda Theleraese) #4216

To get out there though still have to dodge neutrals usually while navigating systems where occupants probably have out of game programs to keep track of the logs of intel chat channels giving warnings someones coming 10mins in advance. So not totally safe at all.

(Xcom) #4217

No it’s not. If you ever catch a target soloing in any AFK infested system then same dumb target would die to a ceptor logging into system / log into next door systems or even going through 20 gates in a T1 frig and catch the target. AFK cloaking isn’t a tactic people fall for and if they do they wise up fast as fk and never fall for it again. This isnt 2007 where AFK cloaking was just invented. People know how to deal with AFKers. It is royally stupid to think that some idiotic AFK tactic still works and even dumber to think its actually a counter to “nullbearing”. All in the meanwhile cloaking is broke to the point you can AFK. That is so goddamn broke it makes no sense yet every carebear avoids the big fat elephant in the room being the biggest carebear tactic, the cloaking device with zero drawbacks and huge risk avoidance benefits.

(Merin Ryskin) #4218

So AFK cloaking is simultaneously overpowered and so easy to counter that everyone knows how to do it and it doesn’t work?

(Daichi Yamato) #4219

People entering local are shown before they load the system. People roaming through systems are linked in intel channels because they showed up in local.

It’s a lie to think interceptors catch the same targets as afk ckoakers do.

An even bigger elephant is local being used as intel.

When local isn’t working properly, afk cloaking reportedly stops.

(Xcom) #4220

I remember that one patch where local was removed. The whole forum exploded so CCP had to put it back the next day. Local was then removed in wormholes for hardcore players.

People who whine about local will probably wine the same day about it being to hard to do stuff in null when its removed. Cloaking isn’t a counter to local, only idiots think it is. The only type of players who die to a AFK cloak tactic is noobs. Noobs grow up fast or get told not to do stupid mistakes.

The only thing that remains is carebear cloaking. If cloaking is nerfed to put them in line with every other mechanic then noone will even remember the difference. Cloaked camping will still be a thing. Null targets will still die to cloaked attacks. Sov war will rage on and life will be the same. Except forum trolls will now cry so hard cause there favorite thread no longer can be trolled.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4221

OMG LOL ROFL Who is this uninformed bear?

(Salt Foambreaker) #4222

I DO!!!

(Xcom) #4223

Aww Is your favorite carebear pvp tactic about to get nerfed? You need to come out to defend it?

(Salt Foambreaker) #4224

Nerfed, it’s not being nerfed, you should not smoke that stuff, you are losing touch with reality :slight_smile:

(Xcom) #4225

Go back to high sec and abuse war mechanics to get your cheep kills. Null sec isn’t for the week.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4226

If you play in null then why are you whining, throw up some cyno inhibitors and you done.

(Maekchu) #4227

No, it’s for the day.

(Xcom) #4228

I will enjoy drinking all them cloaky pilot tears after they can be probed down. Hiding behind a cloak like a cowered and want it to be so safe as to AFK in them.

Your days are numbered. Keep abusing the cloak till they nerf them. I’m sure to see you back in high sec after they are nerfed.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4229

You didn’t answer my question, if you are in null then why do you care about cloaks?

(Xcom) #4230

Because I want to kill them.