Main AFK cloaky thread

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you must be high sicne im sober

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funny that you mention that sicne that has bin happening for quit a while
if you move threw specialy drone regions you will see a lot of empty system where only a afk cloaky can be found most of the day

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Ya we need more of that. More AFK cloaker, more empty null. Best way to play this game you know. A fking K

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At last you start to reveal your real motives.

How are AFK cloakers stopping anyone from playing the game, other than RMTers and renter trash?

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and again renter trash wich fund the pvp alliances

rmt ers are not our problem theyr ccp’s problem stop making theyr problem our problem

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I like how she is trolling now. Best be on my way to stop feeding it. Broken record repeating the same RMT word over and over.

Might stop by some time later to talk to civil people about proper game balance and a hope some good ideas come out of this thread then bunch of troll trashtalk.

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If you want good ideas about game balance you’re wasting your time with this thread, which is a trash can for RMTer and renter trash whines. Good game balance has already been dealt with, and the answer is “no changes to cloaking”.

Kind of like the broken record of people like you claiming that “RMT is not our problem” while arguing for gameplay changes with a primary effect of buffing RMT bots? It almost seems like everything else you say is just a pretense of legitimacy over your desire to make RMTing more profitable. One can only wonder what your reason for that might be…

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Except you are obviously faking.

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Citation needed.
I am anti cloaking yet not a NS farmer. Find 19 people here that are.

(likewise, I don’t agree about your premise regarding AFK cloaking is needed to combat RMT farmers - they can and do still easily farm, no amount of AFK cloaking does anything to them. You need to report them, those kills are irrelevant and not farmer specific either. It takes hours to replace a ship - time is not an issue for a bot. Plus, what about goonies with that caught titan botting? Do you believe AFK cloaking is taking care of that as well? Nah, not even close.)

Though I am on your side regarding the need to nerf local as well. Space is just too safe. Currently I find gate hacking the best option. Boosts active play of roaming gangs instead of passive “wait a day and then press 3 buttons for an easy kill”.

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Neither Cloaking nor being AFK is illegal, what is the problem?

4311 posts and not one person has come up with a bonafide problem.

To me it sounds like people who are afraid to undock unless the system is empty.

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Null bounties are so massive that even a small change in bounty income has a significant effect on the economy as a whole.

This is exactly why ccp nerfed bounties when they made the ESS.

Xcom, you’re really out of touch.

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When your winning the argument by so much they have to put on there tinfoil hats and start doing personal attacks.

We went over this Daichi Yamato. All camping does is to shift the system of safe and easy ratting to a neighboring system. Camping in null results in nothing but nuisance and using AFK camping as an excuse for a counter to null farming is just grasping for straws. Real issue with null is that its to safe and no AFK cloaking fixes that. Cloaking however is fixed by nerfing cloaks to the point they aren’t safe for going even as far as AFK in them. Null fixes have myriad of alternatives for making that area of space less safer that doesn’t necessarily need to involve AFK cloaking. Going into a cloaking thread and repeatedly derailing the topic to null balancing however shows the intellectual maturity of said people posting. Given they all divert the topic to some null balancing topic over and over like a child asking for attention from CCP shows there desperation for there own play style.

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So you’re not in the system you want to be? Or you rat with friends in inefficient pvp fits? You’ve admitted this yourself, and like it or not, it hurts ratters bottom line. That’s why it’s widely used. That’s why the ratters are here whining. That’s why you’re here whining.

Go over it a thousand times, it doesn’t matter. Anyone who has a clue, including ccp, knows that afk cloaking is the most effective tool at hunting ratters, and it clearly affects ratters behaviour. They are literally in this thread crying how they ‘cannot play the game because of a cloaker’.

The irony in you talking about intellectual maturity when you can’t even recognise the relationship between local and afk cloaking or ratting income and afk cloaking, or ratting income and rmt or null ratting and the wider economy.

You keep trying to say the problem is just about being afk, but there’s nothing bad about a player being afk. Not one thing.

You’re on balos level of intellectual bankruptcy. You don’t know whats going on, and your main argument is based on a lie…

You could even be a balos alt.

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I see you stooped to that level quite fast. Great, we have another manchild here posting.

For you one last time. Null can be fixed by other means then the one stop shot null cloak AFK tactic. Cloaking however needs a fix given its broken form it is in now and can’t be fixed by any other means then actually addressing it. If you actually can put on your bigboy pants and think about problems existing outside your little bubble of null then you realize that null AFK tactics isn’t the only problem the whole game revolves around. Other types of players outside null actually want less of the safe cloak and more PVP.

(Daichi Yamato) #4447

Man child?

Pot calling the kettle black. Take a look at your own posts.

Cloaking isn’t going to be fixed in isolation. Ccp looked at the situation and came to this conclusion like so many others.

Meanwhile your focusing on a non-issue (which is being afk), and being wilfully ignorant of how different mechanics are interconnected and need to be considered as a whole.

Like i said, you’re badly out of touch.

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I like how the fool just couldn’t find an argument and stooped to insults and derailing yet again.

Sure buddy, all that this game revolves around is null and null balancing. All other types of gameplay or behavior needs to be fixed based on how null pilots do or don’t.

AFK isn’t playing. Quite literally the definition of it. Playing a game is better then not playing. If you actually design a game based on AFK mechanics then you went wrong somewhere.

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Afk cloaking is a null activity. It doesn’t really happen anywhere else.

Ask hisec players how they feel about cloaking. Ask low sec players. Ask wormhole players.

Compare your answers to the null sec whiners in this thread and past threads.

Afk cloaking is a null problem. But cloaks are not a null tool. So we don’t use a broadsword to balance cloaks. We identify and address what makes cloaks a problem almost unique to null.

The answer is local, cyno’s, station access or perhaps a combination of them all. You wanna change cloaks? You have to at the very least consider these mechanics as well. And whatever change you plan to make, you need to consider the wider effects on the rest of the game as well. You have to be a special kind of moron to ignore the possible impacts even a small change can have.

You simply do not know the game well enough to have an informed opinion. You don’t hunt or do much exploration in hostile territory or worm holes. Your experience with cloaks is limited to say the least. So you don’t appreciate their functions. You demonstrated you don’t understand the magnitude of null bounties and how that plays with eve’s economy as a whole. You also willfully ignore the other null bears in this thread crying at how effective afk cloaking is at attacking ratters, so you won’t appreciate the wider impacts changing cloaks can have.

Not doing anyone any harm. Not gaining anything. What’s the problem?

If i want to play sub-optimally (in your opinion) then that’s not your concern. If i want to afk haul, it’s may not be as good as manually travelling, but that’s not your concern. By your own admission, it has no effect on you.

If you actually design a game based on AFK mechanics then you went wrong somewhere.

You’re being disingenuous again.

Cloaks were not designed or based on afk gameplay. No where did ccp say they created cloaks for afk gameplay. If they did, you should link it. What they did is they created a cloak and didn’t design it for short term usage. And let’s be honest, if it only lasted for a short time and anyone could wait out a cloaker, it would be pretty useless.

There are only a few mechanics designed for afk gameplay.

-Skill training
-Industry and pi
-Retties and macks, maybe…

There might be others but I’m struggling to come up with anymore. Can you think of any?

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So all I got out of that was. Lets keep cloaks cause… insults such as ignorant, moron and other demeanors followed by week arguments backed by nothing and direct lies. Great, super to have heard your insults and your input, dutifully ignored. Now show yourself out so the adults can have a grown up discussion about cloaks.

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I’ve kept out of this thread for a while, but feel it’s a good time to point out that cloaks are not solely used for AFK cloaky shenanigens.

There are many other uses for cloaks, and any change would affect all of those cases, along with all of the hulls balanced around carrying a cloak.

AFK cloaking is an edge case of cloak use, and only exists because of perfect local. When local had issues with the new chat servers AFK cloaking ceased. There was no point as it wasn’t possible to cause abject terror of undocking with just your name.

Cloaks are not the problem. Players with the entitled belief that Null should be even more safe are.