Main AFK cloaky thread

(Merin Ryskin) #4411

Because it’s my turn to cover the “no, this proposal is stupid and no changes should be made” duty, so that newbies don’t read this thread and think that the RMTers and renter trash have a valid point. Someone else will be along later to take care of it once my shift ends.

(boernl) #4412

tguess the only reason why he is here is he is TERRIFIED if he dsnt troll the topic full something might actualy change

(Xcom) #4413

Given she clearly said things will never change. Odd how she has to “take the turn”.

(boernl) #4414

and its very very clear that the plex prices would go down same as mtc and the rising of injector prices is also a terrible thing that would affect a lot of ppl theyr wallets in high low wormhole and nulsec

(Xcom) #4415

I don’t think plex and other things alike would change. How does plex and camping go hand in hand?

(boernl) #4416

if ppl dont use plex they cant keep theyr cloaky alts active they need em to sp farm the other toon to plex the acount and if they dont train the cloaky alts theyr just a waiste of space

(Merin Ryskin) #4417

Why would people stop using those alts when SP farming alone is profitable, even if you don’t ever undock the character?

(boernl) #4418

that is the whole point why the pelx prices would drop like a brick and perhaps they will rise again later on

and im old enough to have seen the 300 mil plex in 2008

(Xcom) #4419

How many pilots AFK camp? 5-6? 10 at most? Its a joke to talk about cloaking in null when its actually the ten people we are talking of.

(boernl) #4420

ccp would react to that with making plexing of characters mroe expensive wich would be a good thing to balance the game

means they would probably raise the amount of units to mtc and to omega and for extractors

(boernl) #4421

currently just talking about afk mafia youre talking about 175 and than you have the npc corp ones wich nubmers are even higher unknown tbh

(Merin Ryskin) #4422

Are you drunk? Why would PLEX prices change at all because of a cloak nerf? The characters that are being used for AFK cloaking would still be active as SP farms even if they never undock, so the total demand for PLEX would not change at all. The only conceivable change to PLEX prices as a result of cloaking nerfs is if the RMT/renter trash dream is accurate and removing AFK cloaking improves their farming, resulting in inflation and higher PLEX prices.

(boernl) #4423

that is only going to get visible after it gets done and ccp would simply react to keep the eve economy alive by changing the amounts needet to buy stuff with plex units

(Xcom) #4424

“Inflation” is a strong word. How will things “inflate” given we are talking about 200 accounts tops on both sides.

(boernl) #4425

uknown means a lot and if afk mafia has currently 175 members my rough calcuation would be the npc corp csection in highsec lowsec womrhole and nulsec would go into a few thousand

(boernl) #4426

and ofcourse theyr not always on thesame time active sicne we also have timezones

(Merin Ryskin) #4427

{citation needed}

CCP has yet to make any changes to PLEX prices, and has been content to let supply and demand set the market price without any interference. Why do you expect that a cloak nerf would cause them to break this precedent and change PLEX prices?

Sigh. Did you even read what I said? The premise of that was if the RMTer/renter trash dream is true. If all the people coming here to whine about how AFK cloaking stops their farming are correct and do get to farm more it means more ISK supply and higher PLEX prices. That is the only conceivable effect on PLEX prices, if the dream is not true and a cloak nerf doesn’t buff farming then there is zero effect on PLEX.

(Xcom) #4428

Given they have that many pilots. Can’t they take turns and just camp in the same systems but this time when they are behind there keyboards.

(boernl) #4429

well it is the suply and demand wich ccp has already interfeered in if you didnt notice that ur blind
they dont interfear on the market scale
they do it by events like eve for water etcetra

(Merin Ryskin) #4430

Again, are you drunk? Why does nerfing cloaks mean that CCP is more likely to actively interfere in the PLEX market?