Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4391

and ofcourse you ignore the post that dsnt fit ur crap

(Xcom) #4392

That’s bs. Like any other ship you get kills on is by attacking them when they are distracted. Same exact thing applies to cloaking.

(Merin Ryskin) #4393

What about it? What part of your failure at EVE deserves attention?

(Merin Ryskin) #4394

IOW, your proposal depends on your target being a hopeless idiot. Why do we need gameplay changes to allow that? If someone is that stupid just wait for them to warp to zero on a site and press F1.

(Xcom) #4395

So how exactly is that different from literally any other instance of how you get kills?

(boernl) #4396

very simple merin you only want to hear nothing has to be changed but it DOES if ccp would balance the cloakies and use the recon ships for that a lot of drops fail since ppl lost the ability of function without perma cloaked alts thats it

(Merin Ryskin) #4397

Because other kills aren’t done against a target committing to full defense? Kills at gatecamps, FW sites, targets engaging a bait ship, etc, can happen against targets that are attempting to do something besides run away. They can’t just warp between safespots indefinitely because doing so means abandoning their goal. A kill against a cloaked ship is not going to happen because by cloaking they are making a commitment to not performing any activity other than evasion.

(Merin Ryskin) #4398

Correct: I don’t want to hear anything other than “nothing is changed”. That’s CCP’s current policy, as they have explicitly stated, and it continues to be the obvious correct answer when every argument in favor of a change is utter garbage.

(Xcom) #4399

Ya but outright removing cloaks simply is out of the question. A small chance to catch them sounds at least better then totally being opt out of the chance to catch them. Or do you have a better idea in how we could hunt cloaked ships?

(boernl) #4400

no it is only garbage for the ppl that are stuck in i need cloaky perma cynos everywhere

(Merin Ryskin) #4401

You don’t hunt cloaked ships. The 0.0000001% chance of a successful hunt that your proposal would give you is so small that it’s effectively zero and not worth implementing. TBH the false hope that your proposal offers is even worse than nothing from a PvP point of view, as at least the current system allows you to decline to even attempt a hunt without feeling like you’re missing out on a kill.

You have yet to provide any reasonable argument for why having cloaked permanent cynos everywhere is a problem. The fact that your garbage-tier alliance is not a capable of dealing with them (while better alliances can and do) is not a problem that CCP needs to fix.

(boernl) #4402

i dont fully agree with xcom but i do agree with a lot of his arguments

he made part of it very clear and if cloakies could be traced that would literaly fix the afk perma cloaked cynos alts aswell

(Merin Ryskin) #4403

See above. This is not a problem that needs to be “fixed”.

(boernl) #4404

it is defenetly a problem that needs to be fixed

if ppl were not so religning on them there would other thigns in eve also be affected directly
maybe youre not looking at the eve ecnomy in that way but you think what might change if the afk cloakies were killed / lost the ability of lighting cyno’s
where would that affect the eve economy ?

(Xcom) #4405

Why are you in a discussion about changing cloaks? You have nowhere else to be? This is where we come to discuss ways to change them. Not to talk about how stupid every idea is because other areas of the game is more important.

Unless you actually suggest a better idea then probing cloaked ships then you have nothing in this thread at all but troll.

(boernl) #4406

xcom just a fast question can you name 2 things of the eve economy that would change if the perma afk cloakies would be either traceble so killable or would lose theyr ability to light a cyno

i probably have 2 of the same things wich i will state after you give 2 thigns

(Xcom) #4407

Price of cloaking device will plummet given its now easier to get countered. Two, no more easymode behind a cloak so some shiptypes might also become less popular. Just about.

All the cloaky campers would just have to take turn with there buddys to warp around the system they are camping and the rest of eve would go on with life as it was.

(Merin Ryskin) #4408

{citation needed}

I’ve already explained why the problem is you and/or your alliance being trash, not the AFK cynos. Good alliances love AFK cynos because it means a chance of someone delivering a whole fleet of black ops lossmails right to them, without even having to leave their system.

No, it’s the designated trash can where CCP dumps all of the anti-cloaking whines from RMT botters and renter trash so they don’t clutter up the rest of the forum. CCP has explicitly stated that they are not changing cloaks.

Also, sometimes the answer to a suggested change is “this is a bad idea, nothing should be changed”. It just happens to be the case that PvE farmers keep whining and crying and keeping this thread going long past the point where it should have been settled with a “no change needed” and locked.

(Xcom) #4409

Then why are you in here?

(boernl) #4410

2 very visible things are
plex prices would go down
mtc prices would go down
and skill injector prices would go up