Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4371

and who are you to decide that the whole eve community should be in 1 and thesame timezone ?

(Merin Ryskin) #4372

If you have failed to organize your corp/alliance with a sufficient degree of timezone unity to have coordinated operations then you are just bad at EVE. Perhaps you should find a corp/alliance that doesn’t suck?

(boernl) #4373

why should the pvp side not deserve a nerf i can just say if it gets nerved the player base that is not as lazy would simply adept and find new ways

(Xcom) #4374

Man everyone rats in the system nextdoor of the camper. This bs about it being a PVE buff is just a cancers argument she uses over and over given no other reason exists for nerfing cloaking.

(boernl) #4375

and on top of that the p[pl living in womholes have a very big advantage over pvpers that roam around they can roll theyr holes so they can literaly move around faster than any fleet can possibly move if theyr well organised

(Merin Ryskin) #4376

Because nerfs are something you do because something is overpowered and it’s a positive gameplay change, not to satisfy some arbitrary count of how many nerfs “each side” has received. And PvP is not overpowered relative to PvE, good PvE players are succeeding so well that they’re breaking the economy.

Again, if it’s not about PvE then why do the majority of anti-cloaking whines come from PvE farmers complaining about how an AFK cloaker is shutting down their farming? Why do you keep proposing changes where the only meaningful effect is to give those PvE farmers the safety increase they are begging for?

(boernl) #4377

yes indeed fianly he gets the point
hanging afk cloakies with cynos all over eve IS OVERPOWERED

(Merin Ryskin) #4378

Why? 5 characters

(Xcom) #4379

That’s you stating that. I have no clue why your saying that PVE is buffed given no actual reason for it exists. Or you want to ignore that no reason exists? Spelling it out. No reasons exists for PVE null players to complain about campers. None, they can rat in the system over. Now please stop going in a loop.

(boernl) #4380

very very simple eve you can udnerstand

cloakyn eyes without a cyno collect intel and disrupt local

cloaky afk camping alts with cynos give the ability to just drop out of the sky when ever

that IS overpowered sicne that is something that only the real big alliances can activly do and no im notb giving the names of wich alliances i know that activly do that
since i dont have to

look at afk mafia theyr all alts of 1 coalition and you know just as well as me wich coalition and evenc that theyr member count dropped theyr still there as perfect example

(Merin Ryskin) #4381

And yet 95% of anti-cloaking whines are coming from nullsec PvE famers, and every proposed cloaking nerf inevitably has a primary effect of giving those farmers the exact buff they are demanding while having little or no effect anywhere else.

At which point you say “hey guys, thanks for delivering us some expensive killmails” and kill their black ops fleet with your dedicated combat ships.

(boernl) #4382

if they woudl only drop black ops fleet i would still say the are overpowered
IF ONLY but theyr not just for black ops fleet

(Xcom) #4383

Are you saying that the PVE farmers have something to complain about that can’t be solved by going to the system over? Well I’ll be damned. Sounds like a non-problem. How odd you bring it up given the problem doesn’t exist.

(Merin Ryskin) #4384

You do know that cyno jammers exist, right? If anything but a black ops fleet is getting in through that cyno its your fault for being in a renter trash alliance that can’t even secure its system.

(boernl) #4385

last thing im going to post today

let cyno capable ships not be able to fit a cyno

let the recon ships that can not cloak fit covert and normal cyno theyr already not visible on d scan
and yes they can die

a true horrorstory if a drop fails

(boernl) #4386

well youre back at youre renter trash argument that dsnt make sense

(Merin Ryskin) #4387

JFC this is not complicated.

The reason I bring it up is that 95% of anti-cloaking whines come from nullsec farmers. Their complaints are entitled nonsense and should be rejected, but they still exist. And for all you claim to not support those complaints you keep arguing for changes that give the farmers exactly what they are begging for while accomplishing nothing else.

(Xcom) #4388

Am I saying buff null sec? Did you hear me say that? I want to kill cloaked ships. How the fk is that buff null sec in your head?

(Merin Ryskin) #4389

It makes perfect sense.

Competent PvE groups are farming with PvP support standing by at all times that farming operations are happening and active cyno jammers that force any attempt to jump in a fleet to use fragile and expensive black ops ships. IOW, they understand that nullsec is a PvP area and take the initiative to protect their PvE operations. Cloaked camping is not a threat to them because any attempt to attack with the cloaked ship is just instant suicide, and the only question is how much ISK worth of lossmails they want to jump through that cyno.

Renter trash are acting like they’re entitled to solo farm at any time, with no PvP support or cyno jammers or anything. They act like the fact that they’re capable of defeating the NPCs should be sufficient and have zero ability to fight in PvP. Cloaking is something they whine endlessly about because their only response to a PvP threat is to dock until it goes away, and cloaking allows a name to stay in local indefinitely.

(Merin Ryskin) #4390

Because your proposal doesn’t allow you to kill cloaked ships, it just prevents cloaked ships from staying logged in while AFK and makes local a more effective intel tool for PvE players.