Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4351

if i see and i can prove someone is rmting or botting wich can be 2 different things i report them to ccp and let them handle it

(Merin Ryskin) #4352

Oh really? Then why do all the PvE players arguing for it think that it’s a buff?

Then why do you keep arguing for gameplay changes that have a primary effect of buffing RMT botters? For someone who claims not to care about them you sure do spend a lot of time lobbying on their behalf.

(boernl) #4353

when are you going to stop only to use the parts of ppls comments that fit you

youre nothing else than a troller

(Xcom) #4354

I don’t know why PVE players in null think its a buff. They have plenty tools to counter campers right now. You yourself have stated in many instances that they do have ways to get around the campers. Stop being a flipflopper and hypocritically change your mind when it fits you.

(boernl) #4355

xcom the problem is he cant
he can only troll the ppl that are actualy tryigng to argument and counter argument

and hes just trying to boost his post numebr apparently

(Xcom) #4356

I’m honestly trying to understand the issue she is trying to portray. It’s really hard when the problem flips on its head when first stating that campers have counters and that anyone not using them should be a shamed and then a post later stating that PVE players are the sole complainers and the only beneficiaries to a nerf to cloaks. It’s ridiculous sense I’m neither a PVE null pilot nore trying to buff them. Opposite to it trying to find ways to kill PVE pilots who happen to be cloaked.

(boernl) #4357

i respect the pvp roaming threw nuslec and trying to catch my mining fleet
and i sometiems lose a ship yes i dotn realy care sicne that is part of the game

and if nulsec would be safe it would get boring way to fast
if i fly a cloaky t3 and i did in the past and if they catch me chapeau for the guy that caught me simpel as that

(Merin Ryskin) #4358

There’s nothing inconsistent about it. PvE players currently have counters, but they want more counters.

Which your proposal doesn’t accomplish.

(boernl) #4359

how are you suppose to counter a cloaky alt that hangs in same system for weeks sometiems months ?

(Xcom) #4360

Ok, so? That’s nothing to do with CLOAKING.

(Merin Ryskin) #4361

Have a standing fleet such that it doesn’t matter if they camp for weeks/months because all they can do is either continue camping uselessly or decloak to commit suicide.

(Merin Ryskin) #4362

Of course it does! PvE players have counters, they want more counters in the form of a cloaking nerf.

(boernl) #4363

told you before fatigue is the coutner there

you know just as well as me and all intelligent ppl are aware
that fatigue can be calculated and countered so there is no home defence fleet

(Xcom) #4364

Man please stop flipflopping all the goddamn time. Either you have a problem with camping being a direct influence to null activity and needs to be kept as is cause it prevents null mining or it’s not doing jack s**t and can be nerfed slightly for the sake off the benefit of other areas of the game.

(Merin Ryskin) #4365

Your premise here is wrong. A nerf is not benefiting any other area of the game, it’s just a free buff to farmers. Even if it’s a small buff anything more than zero is too much.

(boernl) #4366

was that comment to me or merin?

(boernl) #4367

youre just allergic for the fact that pvp SHOULD get a nerf now and than wich COULD/WOULD be a direct buff for the pve side

(Merin Ryskin) #4368

If there is no home defense fleet then don’t undock to farm. You aren’t entitled to 23/7 farming, if your alliance is too lacking in numbers to provide a defense fleet for PvE activity then you farm during the hours that you have sufficient activity.

(Xcom) #4369

The comment was to Merin. Issue is that the only problem she sees is null and nothing but null. Such child needs to be taken out of this part of the forum. Everything she talks about is null this and that. As if everything takes a backseat to null PVE activity.

(Merin Ryskin) #4370

Why should it get a nerf? Because you suck too badly to make as much ISK as the good PvE players/alliances?