Main AFK cloaky thread

(Xcom) #4331

To everyone and there own play style, Im not for or against AFK tactics in null. If people want to waste there money AFKing in null then that’s there prerogative. I just want to have some way to hunt down the pilots that I know sit in a safespot with there probes out brainlessly scanning for sights. It would make my life alot more interesting if I could get a jump on them, it’s even more s**t to pre probe the sights and camp the sights for a laim kill.

(Merin Ryskin) #4332

Nonsense. Local was intended to be a social tool, not an instant warning of a threat existing somewhere nearby so that you can dock up and avoid PvP.

Are you high. I’m advocating pro PVP and attempt to get more kills including exploration ships, PVE ships that fit cloaks and anyone else not using intel channels to safespot and cloak. Other then your strawman connection between cloaking nerfs and null PVE exists nothing in any of my arguments that Im pro PVE.

Then why are you advocating a change that doesn’t let you catch those ships, but does provide a significant buff to PvE farming?

(boernl) #4333

who the hell cares about the lack of local ppl choose to live without local if they live in wormholes

THATS A CHOICE and a way of life
stop whining that ppl not choosing for that life should be forced to

and yes it shoudl get nerfed wich would be a actual boost for pve and it does not even phisicaly boost us

(Xcom) #4334

There is a massive lack of evidence that camping in null removed somehow will suddenly remove any threat in null and make the income from PVE spike so hard it will make the market explode. I would love to see where these dumbfounded ideas come from.

(Merin Ryskin) #4335

People who understand that its use as an intel tool is overpowered. This group includes CCP, they just haven’t figured out a good way to nerf its intel use without eliminating the social aspect or putting even more emphasis on the bad d-scan mechanic.

boost for pve

There you go again, demanding a buff to PvE to compensate for your utter lack of skill. Stop being bad at EVE and you’ll have all the PvE boost you need.

(Merin Ryskin) #4336

I never said it would spike so hard it makes the market explode, I said the sole effect would be to make PvE farming safer. Maybe it is only a slight economic effect, but it’s still a buff to PvE farming with no positive effect to balance it. Even small PvE buffs are bad if they don’t accomplish anything else.

(boernl) #4337

ah and ofcourse you only use part of the senteces exactly the parts you need for the senseless arguments you give

(Xcom) #4338

By how much? How much will the economy be influenced? Enough to keep cloaking broken across the whole of eve?

(boernl) #4339

if a nerf of cloakies woudl spike the market
i am very sure ccp would invert new costs for upgrades etcetra to balance the economy they actualy did that a short time ago and a bit longer ago they increased the sov bils based on amount of sov you controll

so ccp is not blind but you dotn wanna see that

(Xcom) #4340

Everythings about null you know. Forget the rest of the game cause null has to come first. Any and or all balancing acts needs to be first voted and approved by null PVPers before its accepted to get discussed on the EvE forums or the thread will be derailed over and over.

(Merin Ryskin) #4341

Cloaking is only “broken” in that PvE players don’t like it. When the only effect of a cloaking nerf is to buff RMTers and renter trash then any level of economic influence is too much.

(Merin Ryskin) #4342

Everything is about nullsec because 99% of anti-cloaking whines come from nullsec farmers. Notice the silence from wormhole players on the issue?

(Xcom) #4343

What? When did I say I was either of those? Cloaking is broken cause there lacks a counter. Not cause those specific entities somehow complain more about the brokenness more then others.

(boernl) #4344

realy thesame senseless arguments rmt CCPS JOB and renter trash maybe you should get some new arguments youre getting old

(boernl) #4345

stop makign the fight against rmt and renters the spearpoint sicne it makes no sense

the renters are suplying ACTIVLY the pvp alliances in mroe than 1 way
so they are connected

(Merin Ryskin) #4346

Why does it matter that it “lacks a counter”? Stop worrying about abstract philosophical arguments about what counts as a “counter” and look at concrete gameplay changes that would result from your proposal. And those changes are entirely buffs to RMT botters and renter trash.

(boernl) #4347

merin RMT BOTTERS are CCP’S PROBLEM not yours

(Merin Ryskin) #4348

Then why do you keep arguing for gameplay changes that have a primary effect of buffing RMT botters?

(Xcom) #4349

It’s not a buff. That’s an illusion, we have established the whole argument that null is a group activity space and there exists enough ways to get around campers. Easy camping yes, but no active pilot camping would be influence by any nerf.

(boernl) #4350

no you throw everything i say to that and i realy dont give a rats ass about the rmt botters they are not my problem
and sicne you have no other arguments than renters trash ( who activly suply pvp alliances)
and rmt wich is not my concirn or problem and neighters yours so you have no valid argument at all