Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4311

all you think about are all the isk being made by ppl ratting
THEY are not the ONLY ONES affected but i already know ur blind and ignorant and stuck in ur gmt renter scum opinion and youre to lazy to actualy work for it
so just give it up merin you just dotn have the skills required you prolly lost em years ago

(Merin Ryskin) #4312

Boo hoo. If you aren’t making ISK in nullsec right now it’s because you suck at EVE. Stop whining and demanding PvP nerfs just because you failed at nullsec and belong back in highsec.

(boernl) #4313

after all the boosts you got in the years youre whining about ppl asking for a specific nerf

and all you give as possible nerf is making nulsec wh space wich realy dsnt make sense

(Merin Ryskin) #4314

There you go again with your absurd idea that you can count “buffs” and “nerfs” for each of PvP and PvE and they need to be equal. No. First you need to justify why something needs to be nerfed, and there is no justification. PvE is already successful enough, if you are not making enough ISK you have only yourself to blame.

(boernl) #4315

actualy yes they need to be and even if theyr not always evenly 1 side of eve shoudl not be ignored
in compaire to the other side

it is called finding a balance in the game and you keep forgetting this is a game that should be enjoyed by all sides not just 1 side

(Xcom) #4316

If you have issues with RMT farming then go report them. RMT farming have nothing to do with cloak balancing. Cloaks shouldn’t be used against RMT miners, RMT miners should be reported and banned. It has nothing with this topic to do in the least bit.

As for evasive tactics. Same argument applies to literally any other type of ship if you bounce between safespots. Cloaking nerf won’t change that part of the game.

If your afraid that PVE mechanics in null will get a buff then your basically saying that your total and whole argument is founded on a different issue in null sec and that everything in null sec comes first before any other balancing fix. Literally every other mechanic needs to take backseat to null sec issues according to your arguments. You sound like a child that can’t have anyone have a civil discussion about cloaking nerfs because it’s not about the only topic your allowing to be discussed, null issues.

If it’s about intel channels being overpowered and camping tactics is the only way to fix that problem then your utter small mindedness shows how everything has to take a backseat to null issues again. As if camping was the only way to fix that problem. At the same time been proven wrong over and over that camping doesn’t fix anything. It’s simply used to get cheep kills here and there as a lazymans PVP tactic given null sec PVE pilots have numerous ways to get around the camping.

Lastly if you have issues with your favorite play style being nerfed then just come forward with that instead and suggest a better alternative instead of derailing the thread about null sec PVE.

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(Merin Ryskin) #4318

Currently the PvE side is enjoying it and making so much ISK that it’s having negative effects on the entire EVE economy. If you aren’t enjoying PvE it’s because you suck at EVE and need to leave. Stop whining and demanding buffs to make up for your lack of ability.

(Merin Ryskin) #4319

Then why does every attempt at a proposal for nerfing cloaks inevitably have a primary effect of making RMT farming safer and more profitable?

As for evasive tactics. Same argument applies to literally any other type of ship if you bounce between safespots. Cloaking nerf won’t change that part of the game.

Yes, a cloaking nerf won’t change that. That’s exactly my point! Your claim that your desire for a nerf so you can catch cloaked ships is a lie, because you won’t be catching anything. The real effect is making it easier to run away from cloaked ships.

suggest a better alternative

Do nothing. Cloaking is fine exactly as it is now. You can complain all you like about “taking a back seat to nullsec issues”, but the entire justification for nerfing cloaks is to make nullsec farming safer and more profitable. If you don’t want to discuss nullsec farming then there is no longer any reason to be talking about nerfing cloaks.

(Xcom) #4320

Man wtf does EVE economy have to do with cloaking nerfs? There exists zero proof that cloaking nerfs will influence the economy at all.

(boernl) #4321

youre completly ignorant to other ppls arguments

youre talking about ratters mostly
im also talking about miners you know the ones suplying the minerals wich they or others build the supers from beign used in pvp just perhaps they are also aflicted ?

and like i said before wich you do not wanna see
cloakign should be NERFED not removed

and if you think cloaky campers with cynos are the only way to get fights you are realy below the median iq level in eve

(Merin Ryskin) #4322

That is a direct response to someone claiming that to be “fair” PvP needs to be nerfed and PvE needs to be buffed, because it’s “not fair” that PvP always gets buffed and it’s PvE’s turn. If you don’t support that argument then don’t pay any attention to any replies to boernl.

im also talking about miners you know the ones suplying the minerals wich they or others build the supers from beign used in pvp just perhaps they are also aflicted ?

Boo hoo. Miners are getting plenty of minerals. Stop being bad at EVE?

(Xcom) #4323

What an utter useless nonsense. A pilot that is alert and aware won’t get caught, like literally any other pilot in any other ship in any fitting. Like any other way to catch a target you have to catch them off guard. Stop the ■■■■■■■■, not having the ability to catch a cloaked ship is vastly different from attempting to.

(Merin Ryskin) #4324

Yes, that’s exactly the point. An alert and aware pilot won’t get caught. Therefore it’s obvious that the goal of your nerf is not to catch an alert and aware pilot, it’s to make going AFK without logging out impossible so that local becomes a more accurate intel tool.

(boernl) #4325

agree on that they just became to lazy to activly hunt and theyr to used to havign cynos ready all over eve in cloaky alts that they just lost the ways

and o boy pve might actualy get something balanced in the game so they have to get off theyr lazy asses and get to work

(Xcom) #4326

Are you high. I’m advocating pro PVP and attempt to get more kills including exploration ships, PVE ships that fit cloaks and anyone else not using intel channels to safespot and cloak. Other then your strawman connection between cloaking nerfs and null PVE exists nothing in any of my arguments that Im pro PVE.

(boernl) #4327

local should be the most effective tool that is why it is called LOCAL
you just wanna change nulksec into wh space that is just completly hilarious

and it does not give any actual input into the matter of this topic at all you are only showing ur lack of pvp skills i am not a pro pvper and i will not claim to be but youre just hilarious in ur iq less ignorant arguments

like got mentioned by me or others fightign rmt is not what we pay for that is for CCP they GET PAYED to fight that

(Xcom) #4328

Merin you need to step off your high horse and stop trying to make this argument about the only thing that your stuck in. Not everything revolves around your null intel channel problem.

(boernl) #4329

xcom you mis udnerstood my lines but thats cool dont worry i am not trying to advocate safer nulsec im just fihgting the overload on cloaky cyno alts all over eve

(Merin Ryskin) #4330

Oh really? It doesn’t revolve around nullsec and intel? Because it sure seems like 99% of the anti-cloaking whines are coming from nullsec farmers, not wormhole players.

“I’m not trying to advocate safer nullsec, I just want to remove a PvP threat and feel that it’s only ‘fair’ that PvE gets buffed and PvP gets nerfed”.