Main AFK cloaky thread

Is that a reaction to Salt Foambreaker’s statement that the AFK cloaky camping issue is the same as the local chat intel issue?

Or is it a reaction to my statement that those are two separate, but related issues?

The afk cloaky camping issue has to do with a lot of different factors, and many of those are indeed not the cloak itself. So if you think I have any issues with cloaks: try again.

Sorry, I meant ‘explicit mention’. :sweat_smile:

You’re right, that part of the text could be interpreted as ‘degrading reliability of local chat’, but we won’t know for sure until they explain more about their plans.

I’m reacting to your assertion that because they didn’t mention local specifically that means all they are talking about is AFK cloaky camping and not any related components to the issue. They may not touch local itself directly, but the way you presented your statement is that anything they do is only to cloak mechanics and there is no room for CCP to be touching other mechanics in the process. Unless and until CCP actually tell us how they are changing things, relying on their statement to mean ‘all they are touching is this specific mechanic’ is illogical as they have repeatedly acknowledged that there are a lot of pieces involved.

So much whining about the “Perfect intel local issue” in the mandatory AFK cloakcamping thread…

Maybe it´s time for a mandatory “Local Issue” thread?

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That was not my assertion though.

I just wanted to clarify that afk cloaky camping and local intel are two separate issues requiring separate solutions, even though they may be tightly related. This was done in a reaction to Salt Foambreaker’s statement that those two things are one and the same.

Not whining. Just restating the simple fact that the only reason there is a “problem” with AFK cloaking is because of Local.

So tightly related that if a cloaky player did not show up in Local we wouldn’t have this thread. The whole reason this is considered a problem is because a pilot shows up in Local. I’ve not seen one player from wormhole space complaining about the AFK cloaky camper in their wormhole.

Hopefully nothing. The cloak is not the problem. Go to a wormhole with 100 alts. Cloak up and walk away from your keyboard. Continue to do that day after day after day until the locals start complaining. You’ll be there forever, because it’s not an issue without Local. It’s not the cloak, it’s the knowing they’re out there.

Doing something only to cloaks to address a problem which impacts a small portion of the player base and a small portion of the usage of cloaks seems a bit heavy handed. The best case scenario would be to create a solution for the sov holders where they could actively make it more difficult for a cloaky camper in their system to sit there AFK 23/7. Give them more power than they already have to deal with “their” problem. If they can’t, it’s not their system.


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Emphasis mine. For you.

EDIT: I flagged this as inappropriate. But it felt good at the time

But unlike many attempts it was not heavy handed and you actually made an effort to come up with a fair counter play to cloaks.

Honestly, I’d support that.

Seriously, Local isn’t that much of an issue. I’ve said this before, the people complaining about Local and “perfect intel” aren’t even the same people who afk cloaky camp. I don’t know where people decided to blend the two issues together.

AFK cloaking exists because it’s the most effective way to score economic hits against your target. Because it’s the most effective way to combat the ADM system. Because it’s an easy way to hurt multiple line members and reduce their morale.

People really need to piss off with the “bUt LoCaL” argument, it doesn’t even address the same issue people cloaky camp in the first place over.


But without the pilot showing in Local would it still exist?

Which is of course a misnomer since an AFK person by definition is not playing and therefore there can be no counterPLAY.

The devil is in the details.


They’re just not playing at the keyboard. And just to get all detaily, there are counterplays. Just not easy ones

As someone who krabs in null I dont want CCP to stop cloaky campers. just the one who logs in just after downtime and leaves when the servers kick him 23 hours later. Every day.

Cloaky campers are part of the game. Just be active.

Since he is AFK he will not be bothered for any action CCP takes, nor do he cares of this loong discussion. He is AFK.

And good for him, because once CCP has stated his intent to fix it, this has derailed in a salty nonsense.

so there’s a lot here on the boards so i’m not sure if such a thing has been posted but i’d like to throw in my main thoughts on AFK Cloaky Camping

I had an idea a long time ago about making the capacitor usage for cloaking compounding.
you would have to make cloaking a cycle based module, but it would then compound the capacitor drain, the longer you have this active, the longer the cool down would be.

alternatively you could simply have capacitor recharge stopped while you are cloaked and up the capacitor useage increased, again making the module cycle.

you could also have some kind of structure module which could be manually fired from a citadel to effect the whole system, causing anyone with non blue standings to be forcefully decloaked. you could also then have this weapon, due to its sheer awesome magnitute, tempoarily shut down gates this way the cloaky camper would be stuck in the system and free to be hunted for the duration of the weapon’s effect.

how long it lasts no idea.

I do genuinely like the idea of a stuctured based manually fired weapon for forced decloaking for non blues. it prevents any form of schedule and thus being countered and increases the need for people with roles for station weapons in corporations and alliances.

The capacitor idea has been brought up many times. It’s a bit overkill in my opinion and hurts other uses of the cloak. Besides, if the cloak doesn’t use capacitor now why should it all of sudden start using cap?

The structure module seems the best way to go as it is not an overreaching solution to a problem affecting a small section of Eve (Sov-null) Your idea seems a bit excessive unless there are appropriate negatives to it’s use.

  • 24 hour recharge time
  • No one can cloak in the system for the duration of the effect. Including those who fired it
  • If the gates are locked they are locked for everyone coming in or out. Cynos still allowed (Cage match anyone?)

So you want to counter the camper, but deny them the ability to counter your weapon :thinking:

I know I know!!!

Because some players are afraid to undock unless they are alone in a system?

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Since you obviously missed it :

Emphasis mine. For you.

So you just might get this, I never called anyone’s ideas stupid. I called people stupid, posts stupid, stupid methods of stupid argumentation stupid, stupid stupid, and calling other people’s ideas stupid.

I am not in denial of anything I have done here. But accusing me of things I did not do is not going to go well.

Refusal to undock a mining ship when reasonably certain an enemy strategic cruiser is out there waiting has potential to be several things, and cowardice I don’t think is such a big one. I would put intelligence before it. Even straight up botting for currency seems a more likely explanation.

The salt that comes from one end with no easy target to blow up does not guarantee cowardice on the other end.

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Didn’t miss a thing

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